Minimal Invasive Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

The pool of talent among surgeons capable of performing minimally invasive spine surgery isn’t limited to the United States. Yet there are additional challenges faced by surgeons performing procedures to relieve or minimize back pain for patients aboard that are rarely an issue for surgeons performing the same procedures in the U.S.

More Urgent Patient Needs

Spine surgeons in many other countries are seeing patients with more urgent needs than what surgeons typically see in the U.S. Part of the reason for this is a different perspective among patients on when to seek treatment. For this reason, surgeons aboard often treat patients with severe neurologic issues contributing to their back pain.

Larger Volumes of Patients

While there are many highly qualified spine surgeons abroad, such doctors tend to be spread out across different nations. Consequently, there may be one spine surgeon within a fairly large area who typically sees a larger volume of patients than most U.S. surgeons see on a regular basis.

Lack of Access to Newer Devices

Even in countries where newer medical devices that can benefit both patients and surgeons performing spine surgeries were developed, patients often have limited access to such technology. Additionally, some surgeons encounter a mountain of regulations and other challenges that can make it difficult to obtain newer devices.

Limited Access to Education

When newer procedures or devices like coflex implants are available abroad, there’s still a need to provide guidance on how to perform such procedures or use the new devices. Fortunately, this is one problem that’s being resolved by the internet. Global meetings on new technology and detailed instructional webcasts are making it easier to educate surgeons regardless of where they are physically located on the planet.

There are still many challenges abroad when it comes to access to surgeons who can perform complex spine procedures. The good news is that access to qualified spine surgeons who can perform minimally invasive procedures is steadily increasing. Global medical device companies are also making an effort to form local partnerships in countries with tough regulations. What it means for patients is greater access to relief beyond U.S. borders.

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