Client testimonials

“Dr. Bae and his team are very professional and highly competent. After searching for a surgeon and really doing my homework, I settled for Bae. I was extremely impressed with his credentials( you can google them) and I made an appointment to see him.

After my initial visit, I instantly felt comfortable. I didn’t feel pressured, I just felt I found the right guy. I called his office back a week later and scheduled my L5 s1 fusion/ decompression surgery that I sort of already intuitively knew I needed. I then just went along with my intuition that “this was my guy.

As I sit here writing this two weeks to the day post operation, I can only give my utmost gratitude to Bae and his team.

Thanks so much, and keep up the wonderful work! I am feeling better each day.”

Joe and Rosy L.

March 15, 2017

“I couldn’t have picked a better Dr. for my disk replacement. For over two years I suffered with debilitating neck and shoulder pain due to a damaged disc C5-C6. I saw two surgeons here in Las Vegas and tried all the nonsurgical treatments (anti- inflammatory medications, acupuncture, two rounds of physical therapy and epidural steroid injections) to no avail. Both local surgeons eventually recommended spinal fusion. NO WAY, I said.

For over a year, I spent hours researching alternative treatments and that’s how I found Dr. Bae. On June 2015, I had my initial consultation. When you enter Dr. Bae’s office the first person you will interact with is Julie, Dr. Bae’s medical secretary. She is incredibly efficient, helpful and skillful at communicating with nervous patients like myself. When you meet Dr. Bae the first thing you will notice is how confident and forthright he is. First, he examined my medical history and MRI images, he showed my husband and I where the prolapsed disk was pressing against the spinal cord and then he explained (in plain language) what could be done surgically to free up the nerve. Both my husband and I were extremely impressed with Dr. Bae’s minimally invasive approach to surgery, his communication skills and sincere desire to stop my pain. The surgery, insurance coverage, hospital stay, follow up care, etc was all made possible by his wonderful PA Lisa. Lisa was instrumental in coordinating the “long distance” planning of my surgery in Santa Monica – most of it through email and phone calls. She was SUPER quick replying to all of my questions! Thank You Lisa.

Seven weeks ago, Dr Bae replaced my degenerated disk with a Mobi-C cervical disk and I’m feeling fantastic. I Just completed the first week of physical therapy here in Vegas and for the first time in years I’m starting to live free of pain. If you are struggling with a spinal condition, trust Dr. Bae and his amazing team!”

Consuelo V.

3/6/2015, 4 days post-op

“… this guy is as good as it gets. I saw “all” of the best guys in town (@500 per appointment) and let me tell you flat out if you want to have or are considering a cervical disc replacement, this is the guy to see. Period. … Unless you want to simply fuse your neck, there is not a better solution in the LA area period. …. watch the videos online. This guy knows his craft.”

Chuck C

C5-6 Mobi-C, 7 weeks, 9/1/2015

“I am privileged to have been a patient of Dr. Bae and his staff.
Came to them with extreme pain, atrophied tricep, etc…. From a bulging disk at C5/C6 …. With 12mm impingement. Dr. Bae was excellent, confident researcher and patented several technologies. He told me what I needed to get done and took all the time I needed to understand, reason, etc…. I think first time he spend with me over an hour talking through all options and allowing me to watch him debate himself on what to do.

I particular loved his confidence, but didn’t feel he was arrogant or full of himself. His bed side manner was impressive and that was important to me. He’s got totally earned swagger and I respect him for that.

At surgery – Dr. Showed me that he cares about humans and not just people to cut into. When I consulted him on other issues, he dismissed them and didn’t latch on for another surgeries, injections or what have you.

My surgery went really well. In fact, his cut into my neck was so artistic, I actually didn’t use the solution for hiding neck surgery.

And how can I forget Lisa – the physician assistant, she really helped me emotionally and physically get ramped up for surgery and down for recovery. She was like family, always welcomed me – called, emailed, etc…. No matter how needy I was.

At the end of the day – my disc replacement surgery with titanium implant was a huge success and I am still recovering / improving …. I wouldn’t be here without this outstanding team.

Thank you Dr. Bae + Team!”

Joseph J.


“If I could give Dr Bae and his team more stars, I would. Today I am post-op day 4 ( anterior cervical disc replacement and hybrid fusion on another level)- I feel amazing. My arm, hand, shoulder and scapula pain was gone since post-op day 1. I have minimal incision pain, a resolving sore throat and some muscle spasms which are expected, but overall I feel much better than prior to my surgery. Dr Bae and his team exceeded all my expectations. I can never thank him and his team enough for giving me a new chance to live a good life- quality of life is very important.”


10/3/2014, Cervical ACDF, ADR, 4 days

“Dr. Bae installed a Prodisc artificial cervical disc at my C5-6 two months ago. I had talked to 5 other ortho surgeons prior to this about my neck and arm pain. I am 65 years old, had spondylosis and radiculopathy from degenerated C5-6. Three surgeons recommended fusion (wouldn’t do artificial disc) and the other two offered this and artificial disc. I chose Dr. Bae because of his publications in the field, his excellent reviews, and his calm and forthright demeanor during the diagnosis/intake office appointment. …

In 12 days I was back swimming and playing tennis, and within a month I had no pain left at all, and wonderful extra neck movement from the artificial disc. Dr. Bae basically gave me a new life, and I am grateful to him for it. I also loved the compassion Dr. Bae showed prior to my surgery in the surgery prep room at Cedars. He came in and just held my hand for a bit, and exuded an ease, confidence and comfort level you won’t see many surgeons exhibit. I know; I’ve had many surgeries in my life. Dr. Bae’s Surgery Fellow, who assisted the procedure, and visited me afterwards, praised Dr. Bae’s skills in a reverential way, which is what you would expect with a surgeon of Dr. Bae’s caliber.”

Tdub W

C5-6 ProDisc, 2 months, 11/6/2015

“Dr Bae changed my life by giving me back my vitality and eliminating my pain. I am a 47 year old athletic female that suffered 3 herniated discs at the same level (L 4-5). I had two microdisctectomies prior to arriving at THE SPINE INSTITUTE that did not hold, I felt better for a while and then suddenly the disc would re-herniate. Dr Bae worked with me (and my insurance company) to get me the disc replacement that would eventually fix me back up. He is so wonderful, I never doubted his decision or his skill. I had many questions that he answered patiently and thoroughly. His office is wonderful, his PA, Lisa, is fantastic. Yes, sometimes there is a wait but that is not the norm (in my experience). I’m very, very pleased to say I’m back to my original activity level and pain free!!!!!”

Kristin M

L4-5 ADR, 6/22/2015

“After 30+ years as a police officer, my back was really messed up. I went to Dr. Bae to see if there was something he could do to help me. He was wonderful but after an MRI, X-rays, etc….it was his opinion that surgery was needed to fix me.

Surgery was at Cedars and they were great. Dr. Bae went in to my C-7, T-1 and fixed it. While he was there, he noticed that I had a potential worse problem just above it at C-6, C-7 so, he fixed that too.

I woke up with blood running down my forehead (screws to hold my head in place during the surgery) which made me look like Herman Munster LOL, but there was ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN.My surgery was in late 2010 and I am still pain-free with no limitations.

Thank you Dr. Bae, Lisa (PA) and Julie (#1) for your excellent work.
BTW, I have referred several other police officers and firefighters to Dr. Bae and they all have the same opinion.”

John B

C6-7, C7-T1, 5 years, 9/5/2015

“I just returned from my first visit with Dr Bae today, 5 weeks after two fusions, L-3-4,4-5. Believe me I tried for two years to avoid surgery but after 3 epidurals I was in so much pain I had no other choice. I went to others for their opinions but when I met Dr. Bae I knew I had the surgeon(fine carpenter) that I wanted to take the risk with. Well….the minute I opened my eyes after surgery I knew the devil that had lived in my back was GONE! I’ll be honest, the first few days required a lot of pain meds but after a week I felt so much better. I did everything that was asked of me and now I am feeling so grateful for the magic that Dr. Bae performed on my spine. Lisa is his PA. She is a great complement to Dr Bae and she was always available (best by e-mail) for any questions or concerns. You know you have made the right decision when you walk in to the hospital the day of your surgery and every member of the hospital staff tells you…Dr. Bae…he’s the best!”

Rose G

L3-4, L4-5 fusion, 5 weeks, 9/8/2014

“I’ve had degenerative disc disease most of my adult life. In my mid 40’s I decided to get into shape to reduce the side effects of a bad L5 and in doing so started to get sciatica 5 yrs into my fitness obsession. …

Then I found dr. Bae!!! This man is an amazing surgeon and doctor! His staff is the best, his bedside manner is great, he’s a life changer and I can’t recommend him to enough people! He’s also into cutting edge technology with the use of stem cells for spine rejuvenation (I think I’m saying that right). Anyway, if your suffering and your quality of life is affected def go see him…’s worth the time to have your life changed for the better!! Thank you Dr. Bae!!!”

Lisa T

L5, 1/8/2015

“Thank you Dr Bae for giving me back a pain free life. I can’t believe that it’s only been two month since the surgery and very very happy with the results.Would recommend Dr. Bae to anyone with a back problem.”

Mercedes W

2 months, 7/1/2014

“Brilliant and easy to relate to.”

Karen J


“I went to see Dr Bae after doing a lot of research on spine surgeons. I found Dr Bae to be the most qualified surgeon in SoCal. The first time we met Dr Bae made me feel comfortable and confident with the decision to operate on my C5-7 discs . The surgery went perfectly and 7 weeks out from surgery I am definitely improving. Dr Bae’s bedside manners were awesome and even had my Dad commenting on how nice and profession he was.

His staff is professional and curtious . His right hand Lady Lisa ROCKS! Super nice and caring. I was extremely nervous about the impending surgery and she eased my concerns.

Obviously you can’t please everyone but I am definitely on happy patient. I am a local firefighter and the injury I have is very common in my industry. I have recommended Dr Bea to a number of my coworkers.”

Stefano F

C5-6, C6-7, 7 weeks, 7/19/2014

“I thought that I would always be in pain. I had back problems since I was a teenager, Dr. Bae couldn’t see the problem, in my MRI but could see that I was in excruciating pain. He sent me for bloodwork and a biopsy which confirmed that I had an infected disc and an absess in my psoas muscle. He removed the infected disc, Drained the absess and worked with an infectious disease specialist To find the right antibiotics to make sure the absess didn’t come back 8 weeks later, I walk better than I ever have and am completely pain free. His PA, Lisa Cano, kept my family posted every step of the way.I feel so lucky……I feel 20 years younger and starting exercising again.Thanks Dr. Bae!!!!.”

Lori D


“Amazing surgeon. The BEST there is. Amazing hospital staff.”



“Amazing. Wonderful. Truly an incredible doctor and staff. Surgery scheduled for next week. I trust Dr. Bae and his staff immensely. Will let you know more post-procedure.”



“Amazing surgeon. The BEST there is. Amazing hospital staff.”



“I finally made an appointment with Dr. Bae and that decision and the surgery that followed has changed my life. I feel incredible, pain- free, and filled with gratitude to him. I am a new person, with hope again for all that life has to offer. That sounds dramatic, I know, but when you’ve been in pain for so long, it’s true. Dr. Bae thoughtfully considered my medical background and integrated it with my lifestyle to come up with a personalized solution for me. He is intelligent and caring, you couldn’t find a better doctor and surgeon. He deserves the highest praise!.”

Connie B


“Dr Bae did spacers and fusion on c5-c7. He was very kind before and after the surgery. He has a great deal of integrity and does not perform surgery unless he really sees a benefit for him. I was in horrible pain before the surgery. 6 vicodin a day, two trips to urgent care a week, trigger point shots In my neck. I left the hospital only taking Aleve. Dr. Bae gave me back my quality of life!”

Tena H

C5-6, C6-7 ACDF, 7/30/2013

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Bae and his staff. I have had back pain for past 2 years …

When I met Dr. Bae for the first time, he knew exactly what was wrong with my back and was so confident that he could fix it. I loved his confidence and knew how smart he is and went with his suggestion and had surgery. I am pain free and soooooo happy and impressed, I walked right after the surgery and the recovery is so fast. If any body out there is suffering from back pain please see Dr. Bae. He is amazing.”

Shiva Nelson


“I would highly highly recommend Dr. Bae to anyone suffering with back pain! Through the years I have gone to several orthopedist and neurologist. I was actually scheduled to have a fusion in my lower back. I heard about Dr. Bae and got an appointment to see him. On my first visit I could see that he was so knowledgeable,kind and caring. He recommended that I sign up for a clinical trial. I was approved and got an injection about a month later. After about two and a half weeks I felt a significant improvement. I did not have the lingering ache, that I have had for years. It’s a miracle!!!”



“Dr. Bae has been great. I had a lower back injury and participated in a clinical trial. Dr. Bae was my physician for all follow-up appointments for a period of 1 year following my procedure. I found him to be kind, direct, thorough and attentive. If you’re looking for a caring, qualified physician in this field, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hyun Bae, MD.”

Thomas S


“Amazing, saved me on many levels of worry. I am honored to have Dr Bar be so dedicated to healing. …

Dr. Bae brought the reality to a finite, understable knowledge for me. The absolute best surgeon!!!”

Barbara Bramson Takeuchi


Dr. Bae is the best.

“Dr. Bae did a wonderful job on my back a little less than a year ago. I healed perfectly, and am now much more flexible and completely pain free. Dr. Bae is most pleasant too me, communicates clearly and listens to me. I could not want a better doctor.”

Margo Lee


“Thanks to Dr. Bae I am finally fusing in my neck with 3 levels…
I am grateful that I finally found a doctor that actually cared enough to help me! Thank God for Dr. Bae and his caring staff.”



“My problem was a herniated disk pinching a nerve that radiated pain to my lower back and left leg…

Thanks to my physical therapist Derek Plonka. He referred me to Dr. Bae, who went over my MRI, clearly explained procedure he is going to do and set up surgery date. Surgery time was about 1.5 hr. Next day I was released from the hospital and since that date I have not taking any pain medication. Lower back pain has gone.Still have some minor discomfort with my left leg, but, as Dr.Bae explained, it should not last long. I would highly recommend to anyone with spine problem to see Dr.Bae.Thank you very, very much Dr.Bae!!! My deep appreciations to your caring staff,and special thanks to your P.A. Lisa Cano.”

Boris. A.


“After two years of neck pain and speaking with six other surgeons I located Dr. Bae. I flew from Cleveland, Oh to Santa Monica to have Dr. Bae perform neck surgery. He is an exceptional doctor and can do things no other surgeons even offer. I highly recommend Dr. Bae for any of your spine problems.”



““Dr. Bae is an absolute angel. I had been suffering with back pain which radiated down to my legs and at times made it impossible for me to walk for more than 2 years. During my first visit with him, his caring ways and the time he spent explaining my problems and how he would go about resolving it put me at ease completely and I immediately decided to have him operate on my back even though he was the 3rd surgeon I had consulted about my problem. It has been 15 days since my surgery. The shooting pain to my leg was gone the day after the surgery. I am able to walk and sit with very little discomfort and have not taken any pain medication in about 8 days. Prior to meeting Dr. Bae and having him perform his absolute “magic”, I had been taking some form of pain medication for a little over 2 years. No words could express my gratitude to Dr Bae and his caring staff and his wonderful assistant Lisa. I will be forever grateful to you for what you did for me. May God bless you and continue to guide you as you go on healing those suffering with pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My only regret is not having come to your office 2 years earlier. THANK YOU!.”

Mahin Rafikian Mobasser


Gave me back my life.

“I was suffering from L-4, L-5, lumbar stenosis, I had been through everything the insurance company insisted upon, 2 epidurals, no help, 1 year of acupunture, no help, physical therapy, some help, but not enough, I thought there had to be someone who had the answer, my orthopedic at the time stopped taking my insurance, and I’m glad he did, I decided to call the spine institute at cedars, and I was put in touch with Dr. Bae, and that was the begining of the end, of my pain, within moments of reviewing my MRI, he knew, exactly what I needed to have done. I have to admit, I couldn’t believe at first, that someone could know that quickly! I thought, I would have to go down a long road with him, to find the answer, but that was not the case. Within a few weeks of meeting him, I was out of pain, the sciatic pain, that kept me from being able to sit down, and had me basically crawling into the hospital was gone. The only pain that I was now experiencing was the incision pain, but that is almost gone now. Thank you so much Dr. Bae, and thank you to Lisa, and the wonderful team of doctors & Nurses that you assembled, to put me back together! I couldn’t be happier.”



5 Star Surgeon!!!

“I had a 7 hour surgery for cervical spinal stenosis on April 19th and just had my 6 week follow-up appointment today. I have no pain and no longer need to wear the neck brace. Dr. Bae said to resume my normal life which I can do with a big smile!!! Dr. Bae is a true professional and I truly appreciate his skills – he has changed my life forever. I would highly recommend Dr. Bae to anyone. Thank you Dr. Bae and a special thanks to his P.A. Lisa Cano. God bless you both!!!”

Paul DiGiaimo


“I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Bae for the excellent service he provides. Before I started coming to Dr.Bae, I was diagnosed with vertebral hemangiomas and have had severe chronic back pain from it for the last 5 years. I’ve had chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, acupunture, epidural injections and I’ve seen 6 different surgeons, 2 neurosurgeons and 4 orthopaedic surgeons, no one was able to help me, instead all the other surgeons I saw kept on telling me hemangiomas do not cause back pain when indeed it does. After my first visit with Dr. Bae, I knew I was in good hands, he thoroughly went over my MRI with me and clearly explained the procedure he would be performing during my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Hyun Bae to anyone without hesitation. He is very competent and he really cares about his patients, he is an excellent surgeon. Thanks to Dr. Bae, I am pain free and am able to live a normal life again.”



A true healer and life changer, Best Doc!!!! Made me dance again.

“Every time I tried to move it felt like someone stabbed me in the back. I became a criple. I had to do something I finally had the courage to seek help. I was recommended to Dr Bae by so many of my clients. He was such a nice and caring individual. He helped me understand my problem. He took such good care of me and his staff was fantastic. I had surgery six months ago and now I can dance again. I’ve never felt better and in such gratitude to Dr Bae for giving my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!”



Life Changer.

“I had horrible chronic back pain for years. I had seen several other spine surgeons in the past, and was told that my pain was non- operable. I tried years of different medications, physical therapy, and epidural injections without any success. I was referred to Dr. Bae who took the time to really explain everything to me and my family. Dr. Bae operated on me 4 months ago, and I have been pain free for the first time in years. My wife says that I am a new person. My family and I are so grateful to Dr. Bae. He really changed my life.”



Truly amazing.

“I was in terrible pain and went to see Dr. Bae in a semi-urgent manner. I was told that I had a disc herniation that was pressing on my nerve. I tried epidurals and various medications with no pain and disability was getting worse. After much deliberation, I chose to have surgery with Dr. Bae. I am 1 1/2 weeks after surgery and am truly amazed. The surgery was a success and his staff is great..always returned my call and answered my questions..If you have back problems please see Dr. Bae in Santa Monica.”



Truly amazing.

“Great surgeon. Office wait was long but once he came is he was not rushed. He answered all my questions and was really caring which is something you dont see these days. He operated on me and I feel great. Just referred my mother who everyone said was inoperable. He took great care of her as well and she is doing fantastic.”



Saved my back, my dad’s back and friends back

“I had 2 discs in the neck completely shot, had been ruptured years earlier and never healed. Also had developed spinal stenosis in lower back. He did two different surgeries on me and I can walk, sit, bend over and touch my toes and turn my head from side to side, something I never thought I would be able to do again. He is the best. He is to the point and gives it to you straight. Sent a second friend to him …

Dr. Bae gave it to her straight and told her any further surgery would only make it worse. Got her pain management, the RIGHT physical therapist and she is so much better, off her pain meds and doing great.”



Saved my back, my dad’s back and friends back

“I had 2 discs in the neck completely shot, had been ruptured years earlier and never healed. Also had developed spinal stenosis in lower back. He did two different surgeries on me and I can walk, sit, bend over and touch my toes and turn my head from side to side, something I never thought I would be able to do again. He is the best. He is to the point and gives it to you straight. Sent a second friend to him …

Dr. Bae gave it to her straight and told her any further surgery would only make it worse. Got her pain management, the RIGHT physical therapist and she is so much better, off her pain meds and doing great.”



Saved my back, my dad’s back and friends back

“At 55 years old (6 years ago) I was headed to a wheelchair and a pretty terrible life of pain with 3 discs degenerated and pressing on my spinal cord. Scared to death, especially of spine surgery. Dr. Bae saw me immediately, told me the truth, scheduled the surgery, …
in and out of hospital in 3 days. One month recovery. I see him once a year.
Take him good books to read. LOVE him! Really, owe him my life! The best of the best.”

Barbara Lee DaBoll

Special Education Teacher, Owner of Crayon Rocks, 4/13/2010

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