I Think I’ve Thrown My Back Out: Now What?

You’ve probably heard of or used the expression “I’ve thrown my back out” in reference to sudden spine-related pain. It’s a common saying, but it doesn’t literally mean your back is out of alignment. It’s simply a way of describing […]

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Things Leads to Compression of the Spinal Cord in Los Angeles, CA
What Leads to Compression of the Spinal Cord?

The human spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that link to important parts of the brain. If something disrupts signals sent by spinal nerves, you could experience pain and other symptoms that impact your daily life. While you may […]

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Finding A Connection Between Incontinence & Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Is There a Link Between Incontinence & Back Pain?

As you get older, it’s not unusual to have back pain. After all, it’s something roughly 90 percent of the population will end up facing at one time or another. Incontinence sometimes becomes an issue later in life as well, […]

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How You Can Hurt Your Lower Back While Bending Over in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways You Can Injure Your Lower Back While Bending Over

Lower back pain is the most common type of spine-related pain people experience. It’s also the leading cause of worldwide disability. One of the reasons lower back injuries occur so often is because of the many ways the spine can […]

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Usage of “EpiPen” in Spinal Cord Injuries in Los Angeles, CA
An “EpiPen” for Spinal Cord Injuries

If you have a bee allergy, you’re probably familiar with the EpiPen. It’s a device that injects epinephrine immediately into the bloodstream to constrict blood vessels and open airways to restore the ability to breathe clearly. What if the same […]

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Origins & Signs of Spinal Stroke in Los Angeles, CA
Spinal Stroke: Origins & Signs

When most people hear the word “stroke,” they think of the brain. After all, brain-related strokes occur roughly every 40 seconds in the United States, and they can have a significant impact on quality of life. But did you know […]

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4 Spine Problems Aging Adults Commonly Experience

It would be wonderful if we could all age at our own pace—or not at all. However, the reality is that changes do occur in our bodies over time, some of which affect the spine and its various parts. There […]

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Causes of Back Pain When You Stand in Los Angeles, CA
Why Does My Back Hurt When I Stand?

Back pain is so common that practically everyone has a different story to tell about it. If your particular spine-related tale involves discomfort felt when standing, you may be wondering what could be causing it and, most importantly, what can […]

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Causes of Spine-Related Pain in the Ribs in Los Angeles, CA
Spine-Related Sources of Pain in the Ribs

Running from the neck to the abdomen, the thoracic spine is protected, to some extent, by the ribcage. It also protects the heart and lungs and other vital structures. However, this fairly durable series of a dozen curved bones can […]

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