How to Prevent & Treat Post-Laminectomy Syndrome in Los Angeles, CA
Prevention & Treatment of Post-Laminectomy Syndrome

There are approximately 500,000 spinal surgeries performed each year in the United States, and many of them go well. That being said, there are times when discomfort continues or worsens following surgery. If this does happen and it’s more than […]

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How Can Spinal Stenosis Be Prevented in Los Angeles, CA
Are There Ways to Prevent Spinal Stenosis?

A fairly common condition, spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal that tends to become more common with age. Because age is a factor, it’s not an entirely preventable condition. Even so, there are some things you […]

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How Inadequate Sleep Can Be Harmful for Your Spine in Los Angeles, CA
4 Ways Inadequate Sleep Can Be Harmful for Your Spine

It’s common to associate sleep-related back issues with uncomfortable sleep positions or a mattress that’s not as supportive as it could be. While these are certainly valid sources of spine-related aches and pains that should be addressed, a lack of […]

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Tips for a Productive Appointment with Your Spine Specialist in Los Angeles, CA
How to Optimize Your Consultation with a Spine Specialist

Going to a spine specialist is a good first step when it comes to dealing with spine-related aches, pains, or issues. Granted, it’s not realistic to expect to be magically “cured” after your visit. Still, there are some things you […]

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Strategies for Instant Back Pain Relief in Los Angeles, CA
Is It Possible to Get Immediate Relief from Back Pain?

“Instant back pain relief” is a common online search these days. But the truth is it’s rarely possible to ease this type of discomfort instantly. Granted, medications prescribed by physicians and the right kind of stretches may provide welcome relief. […]

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Tips for Distance Learning Students to Maintain Spine Health in Los Angeles, CA
Ways for Distance Learning Students to Maintain Spine Health

A new school year in the time of COVID-19 means making decisions about in-person and online education. In some instances, school districts have already opted to continue to conduct their classes remotely for the time being. This ultimately means more […]

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How Much Pain Will I Feel After Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
What Level of Pain Will I Have Following Back Surgery?

Pain, to some extent, is often an unavoidable part of spine surgery. This is why a natural concern for someone preparing for a spine-related procedure, even if it will be a minimally invasive one, is the amount of discomfort that […]

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Risk Factors for Spine Tumors in Kids

One possible source of spine-related discomfort in children is a tumor, or abnormal growth. For adults, lifestyle factors such as weight, diet, and activity level are often associated with an increased risk of developing spine tumors. However, many of these […]

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Can Foot Pain Be Caused by Spine Problems in Los Angeles, CA
Is a Problem with My Back Causing Pain in My Foot?

If you have foot pain, the first thought that pops into your head probably doesn’t have anything to do with your spine. But it’s a connection worth considering if initial treatments focused on your feet haven’t been effective. As for […]

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