Beware of Back or Neck Pain Mistakes in 2019, Spine Specialists Warn [Infographic]

People who are experiencing severe back or neck pain often make choices that could end up worsening their discomfort and lead to more serious issues, which is why they need to avoid the mistakes detailed on the infographic provided below. […]

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Flat Back Syndrome Treatment in Los Angeles, CA
Treatment for Flat Back Syndrome

The human spine is naturally designed to have curves—one at the top and one at the bottom. Often described as an “S” shape, the spine’s curvature is necessary to balance out stress from your daily movements. The backbone sometimes curves […]

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Different Types & Usages of Spinal Implants in Los Angeles, CA
Spinal Implants: Different Types & Usages

Damage due to age-related wear, injuries and accidents, spinal deformities, and instability caused by the removal of a damaged spinal disc are some of the reasons you may need implants surgically placed within your backbone or its related parts. Because […]

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Treatment of Ruptured Spinal Discs in Los Angeles, CA
How Are Ruptured Spinal Discs Treated?

Your spine’s discs are designed to be both cushion-like and durable, but not indestructible. One common way discs can become damaged is when the material inside breaks through the disc’s tougher outer shell. When this happens, it’s referred to as […]

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Cervicalgia Symptoms & It's Treatment in Los Angeles, CA
What Are the Symptoms of Cervicalgia, & How Is It Treated?

Neck pain ranks just behind lower back pain as one of the most common medical complaints in the United States. Some sources of neck pain produce symptoms that extend to nearby areas such as the shoulders and arms. However, neck […]

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Misconceptions About Back Pain & Bras in Los Angeles, CA
3 Common Misconceptions About Back Pain & Bras

Women with back pain often have understandable concerns about choosing the right bra, often because of a belief that wearing the wrong support garment can result in distracting spine-related discomfort. Conversely, some women believe the right bra will minimize or […]

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What's the Time Period of Physical Therapy for a Spine Injury in Los Angeles, CA
How Long Does Physical Therapy for a Spine Injury Last?

Back injuries and physical therapy (PT) often go hand in hand. PT in all its various forms is one of the most common treatment and recovery recommendations for back injury patients. This is primarily because it’s a highly customized approach […]

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Treatment of Trapped Nerves in the Spine in Los Angeles, CA
How Trapped Nerves in the Spine Are Treated

Your spine houses a bundle of nerves that branch out to other nerves responsible for many of the sensations you feel, so it’s not too surprising that you may experience some type of discomfort if one of those nerves becomes […]

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5 Workout Moves for Pain Relief in the Middle & Upper Back

Most spine-related aches and pains are related to problems within the lower back or neck. Therefore, these areas naturally get the most attention. However, less common upper and middle back pain can be just as distracting and frustrating, especially if […]

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