Guided by the visionary leadership of Medical Director Dr. Hyun Bae, The Spine Institute’s trusted professional physicians are redefining the field of spinal surgery and cutting-edge treatment for chronic neck and back pain. From stem cell research to minimally invasive surgery and fusion alternatives, our Santa Monica physicians have been instrumental in all of the innovations made in the last 15 years related to spine surgery.

Los Angeles patients can gain peace of mind from knowing that, with the premier physicians and top-tier support staff from The Spine Institute on their side, chronic pain won’t prevent them from being able to do the things they love, whether that’s playing sports, working on the computer, exercising, or engaging in the routine activities of daily life that bring them joy. Maintaining a healthy spine is vital to a person’s overall well being. If you’re experiencing severe, prolonged, or chronic pain in your neck or back, it’s important to determine the underlying cause as soon as possible, as it could be something serious enough to require a surgical procedure, and early diagnosis and treatment are key to successful recovery. Our physicians successfully perform a variety of surgical procedures to restore optimal function and quality of life for our patients. Whether they need minimally invasive surgery, a fusion procedure, or laser precision spine surgery, Los Angeles patients can rest assured we have the experience and expertise to help them get back to living the pain-free lives they love.

Some of the fusion and non-fusion spine surgery procedures we perform include:

  • Anterior lumbar interbody fusion
  • Extreme lumbar interbody fusion
  • Decompression procedures, such as laminectomy, kyphoplasty, and vertebroplasty
  • Cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement
  • Dynamic stabilization
  • Spinal cord stimulation

As industry leaders in the field of spine surgery, The Spine Institute is often featured in news stories for pioneering revolutionary surgical and minimally invasive spinal procedures. If you want to be treated by the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles, look no further than The Spine Institute.

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If you suffer from spinal pain that makes daily activities difficult to complete, The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration is here to help. Our talented physicians take special care in evaluating the severity of the pain experienced and the goals and expectations of each patient to determine which procedure will provide the best outcome.
Laser Spine Surgery Beverly Hills


With the latest conservative healing and rehabilitation practices, The Spine Institute’s trusted physicians can help you evaluate and treat the cause of your spinal pain, rather than its symptoms.

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When surgery is the most appropriate option, we use a multidisciplinary approach to limit pain, reduce time in the hospital, and speed up recovery so you can get back to doing the things you love.

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Minimally invasive surgery means, in many cases, performing surgery without open incisions. For patients, this can translate into a lower risk of infection, faster recovery, and less scarring.

Laser Spine Surgery Beverly Hills


Dr. Hyun Bae is the leading investigator on the Mobi-C disc replacement as well as a wide array of additional non-fusion, motion preservation alternatives to spinal surgery.


Pioneers in Groundbreaking Minimally Invasive Spinal Research

In addition to being one of the first doctors to use growth factor tissue engineering for intervertebral discs in Santa Monica, Dr.Bae’s success with multilevel artificial disc replacement for both the lumbar and cervical spine and his use of innovative medical devices for minimally invasive spinal surgery has allowed thousands of patients to return to their normal lifestyles, free from spine-related pain.
Dr. Bae is also the recipient of the 2016 Spine Surgeon Leadership Award. In addition to his revolutionary work at The Spine Institute, he is the professor of surgery and director of spine education at Cedars-Sinai Spine Center. Since 2016, Dr. Bae has been part of the exclusive Super Doctors list, which features only five percent of the spine surgery experts in a given state or region.

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Dr. Bae talks about groundbreaking adult stem cell treatment

What people say?

Dr. Bae is the best. “Dr. Bae did a wonderful job on my back a little less than a year ago. I healed perfectly, and am now much more flexible and completely pain free. Dr. Bae is most pleasant too me, communicates clearly and listens to me. I could not want a better doctor.”

Margo Lee

What people say?

“Amazing, saved me on many levels of worry. I am honored to have Dr Bae be so dedicated to healing. … Dr. Bae brought the reality to a finite, understable knowledge for me. The absolute best surgeon!!!”

Barbara Bramson Takeuchi

What people say?

“Thank you Dr Bae for giving me back a pain free life. I can’t believe that it’s only been two month since the surgery and very very happy with the results.Would recommend Dr. Bae to anyone with a back problem.”

Mercedes W

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