Simplifying the process for the patients we serve

If you’ve never requested medical records from your doctor or hospital before, the process can seem complicated. However, obtaining a copy of your Spine Institute medical records is easy. To begin your request, simply download, print, complete, and sign the Request for Medical Records Form.

Fax or mail the form back to us: Attention “[Your Doctors name], Medical Records Department”. Because we are unable to process any unsigned requests, make sure the form is completely filled out and signed before submitting.


The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration

[Your Doctor’s Name], Medical Records

2811 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 850

Santa Monica, CA 90403


Dr. Bae Fax: 310.594.8924

Dr. Kropf Fax: 310.248.7396

Dr. Kamrava Fax: 310.594.8924

If you’re a Cedars-Sinai patient, request for Medical Records can only be obtained through Cedars-Sinai Health Information Department. For more information please visit the Cedars-Sinai website, or contact the Health Information Department at 310.423.2259.

How Long Will My Request Take to Process?

Your medical records request may take up to 15 working days to process due to the large number of daily requests we receive.

How Will I Receive My Medical Records?

We will either mail your copy to the address specified on the authorization form, or you may pick up your copy from our Santa Monica office (address listed above), Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Medical Records cannot be faxed to your home or office due to confidentiality issues.

Please note at The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration, we protect the privacy of our patient health information. Another person may not receive copies of your medical record without a consent form authorizing The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration to release copies to him or her.

Is There a Fee to Request Medical Records?

There is a fee to request medical records, however the exact total will come from our medical records clerk once the request as been processed. We will disclose the amount to you in advance so the proper financial arrangements can be made.


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2811 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 850 Santa Monica, CA 90403.
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