A Summary of Various Forms of Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Various Forms of Back Pain: A Summary

Many people use the term “back pain” to refer to any type of spine-related ache or pain. However, the intensity and nature of the discomfort can vary greatly from one person to another. The potential sources of back pain can […]

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Link Between Teeth Grinding and Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How Is Teeth Grinding Linked to Back Pain?

An unsupportive mattress, awkward sleeping positions, and lingering inflammation around spinal joints, bones, or discs are just some of the possible reasons you may wake up with back pain. But did you know teeth grinding (bruxism) may also be a […]

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Exercise Machines for Back in Los Angeles, CA
Back-Friendly Exercise Machines

Having a bad back is the ultimate catch-22. Exercise is beneficial for your spine because it strengthens muscles that support your back. However, getting regular exercise can be difficult if you overwork the same parts of your spine that are […]

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Possibilities to Injure Back While Playing Basketball in Los Angeles, CA
How You Can Injure Your Back Playing Basketball

Basketball is a fun and largely beneficial form of exercise that involves the use of many of the bones, joints, and soft tissues that support the spine in some way. Like any other sport that keeps you constantly active and […]

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Treatment of Strained Back Muscles in Los Angeles, CA
How Strained Back Muscles Are Treated

Back pain is often due to a “pulled” or strained muscle because of the abundance of muscles that either directly or indirectly support the spine. The lower spine area alone houses large paired muscles (erector spinae), muscles that help with […]

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What to do if I Think I've Thrown My Back Out in Los Angeles, CA
I Think I’ve Thrown My Back Out: Now What?

You’ve probably heard of or used the expression “I’ve thrown my back out” in reference to sudden spine-related pain. It’s a common saying, but it doesn’t literally mean your back is out of alignment. It’s simply a way of describing […]

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Things Leads to Compression of the Spinal Cord in Los Angeles, CA
What Leads to Compression of the Spinal Cord?

The human spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that link to important parts of the brain. If something disrupts signals sent by spinal nerves, you could experience pain and other symptoms that impact your daily life. While you may […]

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Finding A Connection Between Incontinence & Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Is There a Link Between Incontinence & Back Pain?

As you get older, it’s not unusual to have back pain. After all, it’s something roughly 90 percent of the population will end up facing at one time or another. Incontinence sometimes becomes an issue later in life as well, […]

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How You Can Hurt Your Lower Back While Bending Over in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways You Can Injure Your Lower Back While Bending Over

Lower back pain is the most common type of spine-related pain people experience. It’s also the leading cause of worldwide disability. One of the reasons lower back injuries occur so often is because of the many ways the spine can […]

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