Back Injuries that Can Heal Well with Bed Rest in Los Angeles, CA
Which Back Injuries Heal Best By Resting in Bed?

It’s not unusual to assume resting for a day or two in bed is all that’s needed to manage spine-related discomfort. While this can be the case at times, the list of back injuries that can heal well with bed […]

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How Are Virtual Spine Surgery Consultations Effective in Los Angeles, CA
Effectiveness of Virtual Consultations for Spine Surgery

For roughly a year or so now, most of the world has had to make adjustments due to COVID-related concerns. This has meant a significant increase in virtual engagement, which has extended to patient-doctor interactions, including ones involving spine surgery […]

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How to Safely Develop a Spine-Strengthening Exercise Routine in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Safely Develop a Spine-Strengthening Exercise Routine

While the human spine is designed to move, it’s entirely up to you to determine how you keep your backbone and its parts moving as you go through life. Some people have regrets later in life because they weren’t more […]

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Why Some Patients Are Unhappy After a Successful Spinal Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
Why Are Some Patients Dissatisfied following Successful Spinal Surgery?

By the time surgery is recommended, many people living with back pain have tried physical therapy and several other nonsurgical options. For this reason, it’s fairly common for patients to enjoy an improved quality of life after recovering from spine […]

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Can Wearing a Spinal Support Belt Be Beneficial?in Los Angeles, CA
How Can Wearing a Spinal Support Belt Be Beneficial?

Spine pain is something that will eventually affect pretty much everyone at one time or another. If this is something you’re currently living with on a fairly regular or recurring basis, you’re likely open to any reasonable suggestions, one of […]

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Treatments for Spinal Nerve Pain in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways Nerve Pain in the Spine Is Treated

The human spine houses a bundle of nerves that branch off to various parts of the body. This is why a common source of spine-related symptoms, including numbness, local or radiating pain, and muscle weakness, is nerve irritation or compression. […]

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How Can You Help Someone Seek Help for Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How to Persuade Someone with Back Pain to Get Help

Back pain is fairly common, so it’s easy to brush it off as not really being something serious enough to warrant a visit to a doctor or Beverly Hills spine surgeon. However, doing so can make the problem worse and […]

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Tips to Prepare for Outpatient Back Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
How to Prepare for Outpatient Back Surgery

In the grand scheme of things, spinal surgery has come a long way even over the past decade or so in terms of how it’s done. In fact, some procedures that once typically required a brief stay in the hospital […]

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What Vitamins Nutrients Are Essential for Spine Health in Los Angeles, CA
Vitamins & Minerals that Are Critical for Optimal Back Health

“You are what you eat” also extends to your spine. If your back and the different parts that support it aren’t getting the right mix of beneficial nutrients, you may be setting yourself up for unexpected aches and pains later […]

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