How to Use an Exercise Ball to Rehab Your Back in Los Angeles, CA
Using Exercise Balls for Spine Rehab

If you’re in the process of rehabilitation and recovery from a back injury, have you tried an exercise ball? They’re naturally designed to target and strengthen the same core muscles that ease stress and strain on the spine, especially in […]

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Latest Technologies Used in Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
What Are the Latest Technologies Used in Spine Surgery?

The human spine is a remarkably designed structure. Still, it sometimes needs some attention from skilled surgeons if there’s a problem that can’t be resolved with nonsurgical remedies, which is where spinal technology comes into play. Many of the newer […]

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Tips for Boosting Spinal Flexibility in Los Angeles, CA
How to Make Your Spine More Flexible

One of the many things your spine does is allow you to be flexible enough to participate in various athletic activities. Flexibility is equally essential for cooking, household chores, gardening, and other daily tasks. Over time, your backbone and its […]

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Should I Have a Spinal CT Scan in Los Angeles, CA
Why Should I Have a Spinal CT Scan?

When you go to your doctor about spine-related aches and pains, you’ll likely undergo a physical exam and be asked to discuss your symptoms. But image tests are often needed to confirm a suspected issue or get a better idea […]

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4 Tips for Avoiding a Second Surgical Procedure for Your Back

Back surgery is one of those things you probably don’t even want to go through once, let alone twice. In some instances, it’s not entirely possible to avoid the need for additional spine-related procedures. This is more likely to be […]

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Can Healthy Hamstrings Boost Back Health in Los Angeles, CA
How Can Healthy Hamstrings Boost Back Health?

It’s understandable to assume back pain is related to something going on directly within your spine. To be fair, this could very well be the case if a damaged disc, vertebra, or spinal joint is irritating a nearby nerve. However, […]

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How to Treat Lateral Recess Stenosis of the Spine in Los Angeles, CA
Treatment Methods for Lateral Recess Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the spine. It has the potential to cause pain and other symptoms if one or more nerves are compressed. There are many different forms of spinal stenosis. One of the more common ones […]

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How to Keep Your Back Healthy While You're at Home in Los Angeles, CA
5 Tips for Keeping Your Back Healthy While You’re at Home

If coronavirus has you spending more time at home than you normally do, you may adopt habits that aren’t so good for your backbone and the parts that support it. Doing so can weaken muscles that support your spine, reduce […]

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if Your Spine Surgery Has Been Postponed Because of COVID-19 in Los Angeles, CA
What if Your Spine Surgery Has Been Postponed Because of COVID-19?

In many places affected by coronavirus, nonessential surgeries have been put on hold. While there may be some exceptions, spine surgery typically falls into this category. In fact, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) has recommended that elective procedures be […]

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