How to Treated Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease in Los Angeles, CA
Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease: How Is It Treated?

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is the general term for the type of age-related disc wear that can contribute to back pain and related symptoms. The resulting discomfort can also involve numbness, pain that radiates to the legs, and other nerve-based […]

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Important Things to Know About Muscle Relaxants in Los Angeles, CA
5 Crucial Details about Muscle Relaxers

Muscle spasms are a common source of spine-related pain. If you’re experiencing jarring involuntary muscle contractions or general soreness from overstretched or irritated spine-supporting muscles, your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants. While these drugs can provide welcome relief, there are […]

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Avoiding Sciatica Caused by a Herniated Disc in Los Angeles, CA
4 Tips for Avoiding Sciatica Caused by a Herniated Disc

The discomfort commonly associated with sciatica usually extends from the lower back to the lower extremities. This is referred to as lumbar radiculopathy. One of the more common sources of numbness, tingling, leg pain, muscle weakness, and other common nerve-based […]

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Is the Sciatic Nerve Affected by Your Posture When You Walk in Los Angeles, CA
How Is the Sciatic Nerve Affected by Your Posture When You Walk?

Sciatica is caused by some type of pressure placed on the sciatic nerve, which originates in the lower back and moves downward. This pressure can come from sources that might include a herniated disc, inflamed muscles, or issues with a […]

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Different Types of Back Pain Specialists in Los Angeles, CA
Specialists Who Treat Back Pain

The first medical professional you’ll likely see when you have back pain is your own primary care physician. Your primary care physician will typically evaluate your symptoms and perform routine examinations to get a better idea of what may be […]

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Reasons Back Pain Is Difficult to Diagnose in Los Angeles, CA
4 Things that Make it Hard to Diagnose Back Pain

Back pain is something nearly everyone will experience at one time or another. Even though back pain is common, it’s not always easy to accurately pinpoint the true source of spine-related symptoms. Why can it be so difficult to accurately […]

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How Can Breathing Difficulty Be Caused by Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Can Breathing Difficulty Be Caused by Back Pain?

Extending from the base of your skull to just above your hips, the spine takes up a lot of space in your body, and it can have an impact on many different structures, including your lungs. This is why back […]

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Can You Injure Your Lower Back Playing Basketball in Los Angeles, CA
How You Can Injure Your Lower Back Playing Basketball

Basketball can be an effective and fun way to get regular exercise, which is generally a good thing. At the same time, it’s also a sport that puts a lot of extra stress on certain parts of the spine because […]

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Is Hyperlordosis Diagnosed & Treated in Los Angeles, CA
How Is Hyperlordosis Diagnosed & Treated?

The human spine is naturally curved. However, when that curve is excessive in the lower back just above the buttocks, it’s a condition called hyperlordosis. While rarely seen in children, this abnormality can affect people in all age groups. Characterized […]

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