How Can CBD Oil Provide Relief from Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Can CBD Oil Provide Relief from Back Pain?

Living with spine pain for more than a few days or weeks can take a serious toll on your daily life. It’s not always easy to find a pain management solution that’s effective. There’s also concern about the long-term use […]

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Treatement of Stress Fracture in the Lower Back in Los Angeles, CA
How Is a Stress Fracture in the Lower Back Treated?

Most spinal stress fractures occur within the lower (lumbar) back area, since this is one of the most mobile and vulnerable parts of the body. If you do have a lower back stress fracture—referred to as spondylolysis if spinal bones […]

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Different Types of Therapies for Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
4 Alternative Forms of Therapy for Back Pain

Simply having back pain doesn’t necessarily mean surgery is your only option. However, if you’ve been relying mostly on medication to get through your daily routine without distracting pain, you’re not doing yourself any favors either. Meds only mask symptoms. […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Medication for Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Pros & Cons of Medication for Back Pain

When back pain becomes a significant distraction from daily life, many people are inclined to take some type of medication to make their discomfort go away. While there’s no denying the fact that opioid painkillers and other types of pain […]

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Effects of Icy Hot on Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Does Icy Hot Help with Back Pain?

If you frequently experience back pain, you probably have a favorite over-the-counter remedy. One of the most popular remedies is called Icy Hot, which is available in various forms, such as creams, sprays, gels, sleeves, and patches. Basically, Icy Hot […]

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Active vs. Passive Treatments for Back Injuries in Los Angeles, CA
Active vs. Passive Treatments for Spine Injuries

For most people, the first attempt at treating a back injury instinctively involves getting some rest or taking over-the-counter medications. These are referred to as “passive” treatments or actions because you’re simply treating your symptoms. However, a fairly serious back […]

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Treatment for Back Pain Felt in Multiple Area in Los Angeles, CA
Treatment for Back Pain Felt in More Than One Area

When back pain is limited to one location, such as the lower spine, pinpointing the source of symptoms and putting together an effective treatment plan can still be a challenging process, mainly because of the many issues that can affect […]

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Preventing Spasms in Lower Back in Los Angeles, CA
How to Treat and Prevent Spasms in the Lower Back

Sometimes all it takes to trigger a painful lower back spasm is attempting to quickly lift something heavy without thinking about proper form. Other times, spasms occur because of repetitive movements, poor posture, or strains/sprains from overuse or overextension. Often […]

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Treating Facet Arthropathy in Los Angeles, CA
Diagnosis and Treatment of Facet Arthropathy

Your spine is able to bend and twist primarily because of several small joints (called facet joints) located on each side of the vertebrae. As is the case with any other joints in the body, these spinal joints can wear […]

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