Tips Hydrotherapy Can Relieve Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA

Water is the most abundant substance on the planet, and when it’s heated and confined to a pool, it can be a source of welcome relief from back pain. What’s known as hydrotherapy is the process of taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of water, usually based on recommendations from your doctor or a trained therapist. Today, we’re going to discuss five specific benefits of hydrotherapy for spine-related discomfort.

1. Eases Your Spine’s Load

Water has a natural buoyancy that eases stress on the spine and its various parts, which can be especially beneficial if your back pain is related to a spinal disc problem. With hydrotherapy, you’ll be able to strengthen back-supporting muscles and ease pressure on spinal discs in a way that’s less stressful but still effective.

2. Increases Your Mobility

Another good thing about the buoyancy of water is that it makes it easy to regain your mobility in a way that’s not likely to aggravate the affected areas of your spine, which could allow you to safely perform range-of-motion exercises you wouldn’t be able to comfortably do on land.

3. Provides Sufficient Resistance

While you may be able to do more comfortable exercises like trunk twists safely on land, you won’t get the type of resistance that’s needed to properly stretch spine-supporting muscles. But if you do the same exercises in water, you’ll get much more beneficial resistance—water is nearly 600 times more resistant than air—in a way that’s safe.

4. Reduces Pain During Therapy

With land-based therapy, you may be less inclined to fully participate in your sessions because of your back pain. However, the warmth of water can boost circulation and naturally ease your spinal discomfort as you go through your various movements and motions. The added comfort of the water could also take your mind off your pain enough to motivate you to be more involved with your therapy.

5. Minimizes Balance/Fall Concerns

If they have a condition that affects balance or they’re recovering from a procedure such as coflex surgery, Los Angeles patients may shy away from exercise because of concerns about falling. But balance isn’t much of an issue in water because of the natural buoyancy and added resistance. You can further increase your confidence and safety during hydrotherapy sessions with flotation devices and other pool aids that can help you stay balanced. This improved sense of stability may allow you to benefit from a variety of water-based activities, including:

• Aqua walking or jogging
• Water yoga
• Water aerobics
• Flutter kicking

Check with your doctor or therapist first before stepping up your water-based routines.

It’s typically advised to have no open wounds before participating in hydrotherapy because of possible issues with the chemicals normally used in heated pool water. Also, talk to your doctor or a Los Angeles spine surgeon first if you’re recovering from an infection or waiting for a fever to subside. You may enjoy similar benefits from warm baths or showers between hydrotherapy sessions.

Back pain is a common occurrence, and hydrotherapy is often able to ease the discomfort. However, if you’re experiencing sudden, severe, or prolonged back pain, don’t wait to contact a spine specialist. The spinal health experts at The Spine Institute can diagnose and treat your condition so you’re back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 310-828-7757 and schedule a consultation.