Common Surgical Procedures for Spinal Decompression in Los Angeles, CA
6 Commonly Used Surgical Procedures for Spinal Decompression

Some sources of spinal compression produce symptoms that develop gradually over time, as is often the case with osteoarthritis—a progressive condition that wears down joints and tissues. At other times, nerve irritation happens fairly quickly, which is often the case […]

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Future of Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
Predictions About Spine Surgery in the Future

Spine surgery in one form or another has been performed for more than 5,000 years. Yet there’s no denying the type of spine-related procedures performed today are much more advanced and safer for patients than those done centuries ago, when […]

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Reasons for Not Considering Back Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
4 Motives for Not Having Back Surgery

Tiger Woods is one of several notable people who have benefited from spinal surgery. In Tiger’s case, surgery provided much-appreciated relief and helped him focus on his game, and his is just one of many spine surgery success stories. However, […]

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How to Make Recovering in the Hospital Easier Following Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Make Recovering in the Hospital Easier Following Spine Surgery

There are some spine-related procedures that will require you to stay in a hospital, medical clinic, or recovery area for a while before you’re discharged. Even if you’ll be going home the same day, it never hurts to be as […]

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Helping a Spouse Follow a Back Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
How to Help a Spouse Following Back Surgery

If your spouse is planning to have spine surgery, even if it will be an outpatient procedure, you’ll need to accept some added responsibility during your significant other’s healing and recovery process. Taking on this extra burden sometimes strains relationships, […]

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Why Traveling is the Right Option for Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
Why Traveling for Spinal Surgery May Be the Best Option

The choice to have spinal surgery can be difficult, but it’s not the only major decision you need to make. Once you and your doctor have determined surgery is your best bet for relief, the next step is deciding where you’ll […]

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Tips to Twist & Bend Properly After Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Twist & Bend Properly Following Spine Surgery

Most people aren’t aware of how much they bend and twist throughout a typical day. If you’ve recently had spine surgery, you’ll need to be especially mindful of these movements. Not doing so could result in reinjury, delayed healing, the […]

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How to Treat Spinal Neurofibromas in Los Angeles, CA
Diagnosis & Treatment of Spinal Neurofibromas

In general, spinal tumors are considered rare, since abnormal growths often form elsewhere and spread to the spine. When irregular tissues do develop in the spine, they’re not always cancerous. This is true of neurofibromas. These small benign tumors develop […]

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History of Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
A Brief History of Spine Surgery

Spine-related problems have existed since the beginning of civilization. The earliest reference to attempts at fixing spine issues dates back to the days of ancient Egypt. Over the years, prominent figures such as John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush, and […]

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