Non-Spine Injuries that Can Affect Your Back in Los Angeles, CA
5 Non-Back-Related Injuries that Can Impact the Spine

Your spine isn’t entirely independent of other parts of your body. It’s important to keep this in mind, since there are injuries that occur elsewhere that can affect your spine. One way this can happen is by increasing the load […]

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Essential Facts About Arthritis in the Neck in Los Angeles, CA
Arthritis in the Neck: Essential Facts

Affecting one of the most mobile parts of the body, neck arthritis is a condition that can have a big impact on quality of life because it can cause painful neck movements, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Before exploring […]

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Sources of Chronic Neck & Back Pain: Current Facts & Figures

If you have chronic back and neck pain, you may feel like you’re alone. In reality, this is far from the case. In fact, there’s new research showing one out of every four Americans has been living with back or […]

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Back & Neck Pain Mistakes To Avoid in 2019 [Infographic]
Beware of Back or Neck Pain Mistakes in 2019, Spine Specialists Warn [Infographic]

People who are experiencing severe back or neck pain often make choices that could end up worsening their discomfort and lead to more serious issues, which is why they need to avoid the mistakes detailed on the infographic provided below. […]

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3 Reasons Men Should Consult Their Doctors on Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
3 Reasons Men Need to See a Doctor About Spine Pain

For one survey, 500 men ranging in age from 18 to 70 were asked about when they tend to go to the doctor. About 40 percent admitted to only visiting an MD for serious medical conditions. These results echo similar […]

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Flying with Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Tips for Flying When You Have Spine Pain

Many airlines have high uncomfortable seat ratings based on passenger assessments, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that flying can contribute to spine pain. Sitting in uncomfortable seats, managing the stress of traveling, sitting or standing too long, and […]

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Impact of Obesity on Spinal Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How Does Being Overweight Affect Spine Pain?

It takes the equivalent of a 500-pound car colliding into a wall at 30 miles per hour to completely break a human spine. The point of this striking fact is to illustrate the overall strength and durability of the backbone […]

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Things About Chronic Back Pain Your Doctor Shouldn't Know in Los Angeles, CA
6 Things to Avoid Saying to Your Doctor About Your Chronic Pain

Affecting an estimated 100 million Americans, chronic pain can present many challenges when it comes to making an accurate diagnosis and recommending treatments likely to enhance quality of life and ease discomfort. The first step in this process is to […]

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5 Items You Use Every Day That Could Cause Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
5 Things You Use Daily That Might Cause Pain in Your Spine

Consisting of an assortment of bones, joints, and other essential parts, your spine absorbs some degree of stress every day from your regular movements alone. Because of the complexity of how the human spine is designed and the many factors […]

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