Upper Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Most Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

Often felt in the neck and shoulders, upper back pain can range from mild to severe. Understanding some of the common causes of this type of pain can make it easier for patients to identify possible trigger points and, more […]

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Work Tips Post Spine Surgery
Top Tips for a Pain-Free Workday

Any type of back pain, whether it’s from a chronic condition or something that’s aggravated by movement, can make it difficult to do your job. While it’s not always possible to avoid occasional discomfort, experienced spine surgeons in Los Angeles […]

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The Correct Diagnosing for Finger Numbness
Correctly Diagnosing Numbness in Fingers

With nearly 50 conditions possibly resulting in numbness in the fingers, medical professionals and spinal surgeons in Beverly Hills note that achieving an accurate diagnosis of the source of the problem can be difficult. Due to the many potential causes […]

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Can Muscle Spasms be the Sign of Something More Serious in Beverly Hills, CA
Is Your Muscle Spasm Something More Serious?

Muscle spasms can consist of slight twinges or unrelenting, excruciating cramps that send patients to the emergency room in severe pain. Like most other symptoms in the body that are out of the ordinary, muscle spasms are often a warning […]

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Effects of Cold Weather on Chronic Pain in Santa Monica, CA
Does Cold Weather Affect Chronic Pain Symptoms?

There’s a difference of opinion between the scientific community and people with chronic pain, at least when it comes to the role cold weather plays in such pain. While evidence of a correlation between seasonal changes and recurring pain is […]

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Understand the Basics of Spinal Surgery Los Angeles, CA
Understanding the Basics of Back and Spine Anatomy

The spinal column is a complex structure that serves many purposes. Along with providing a supportive framework for the body, it encases the main components of the delicate nervous system and is key for allowing fluid movement and flexibility. The […]

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The Truth About Chronic Back and Neck Pain in Santa Monica, CA
Understanding the Realities of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a very common condition and one of the main reasons people consider spine surgery, yet it remains one of the most widely misunderstood and under-treated diagnoses. In some cases, the cause of an individual’s pain can be […]

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How to Avoid Back Injuries while Playing Sports in Santa Monica, CA
General Tips to Avoid Back and Neck Pain When Playing Sports

People who are active in sports are often prone to back and neck injuries, and sports injuries are one of the most common reasons people visit spine surgeons in Beverly Hills. The vertebral column is vulnerable and can easily be […]

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Leg Pain and Numbness that May be Indicative of a More Serious Problem in Santa Monica, CA
Leg Pain and Numbness: What It Could Mean

Individuals who are experiencing leg pain and numbness may have a specific issue that originates in one or both legs, but the symptoms are usually caused by an injury or structural problem in the lower back. Isolating the type and […]

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