Recovery Tips for Post Cervical Disc Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Recovery Tips Following Surgery to Replace a Cervical Disc

Having damaged or worn discs replaced in your neck can ultimately lead to a more productive life as distracting pain either goes away entirely or reaches a point where it’s manageable. What’s more, cervical disc replacement often means retaining natural […]

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5 Ways to Speed Up Recovery Following Neck Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Strategies for Speeding Up Recovery After Neck Surgery

Even if your neck surgery involves less invasive techniques, you’ll need to go through a recovery period. During this post-surgery time, tissues will heal and cervical bones and joints will regain strength. Unlike arms and legs, the neck can’t be […]

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acdf Surgery
3 Things You Need to Know About Neck Movement Following ACDF Surgery

It’s not unusual for discs in the cervical spine to become worn with age or damaged due to a sudden injury, as may be the case with a car accident or forceful impact. Oftentimes, medication, physical therapy, and other conservative […]

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Neck Hurts After Surgery Los Angeles, CA
What Can Help & Hurt Your Neck After Having Surgery?

Having neck surgery when other treatments haven’t been effective can be a welcome source of relief, but there’s no procedure that guarantees you won’t have neck pain from other sources. If you’re in the process of recovering and getting back […]

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Second Neck Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
Is It Possible to Correct Failed Neck Surgery?

The term “failed neck surgery” refers to any type of neck procedure that failed to correct pain that existed prior to a surgery. A Los Angeles spine surgery expert might also refer to pain that momentarily goes away after surgery […]

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