Chronic Pain Exercises in Beverly Hills, CA
Essential Tips for Exercising with Chronic Pain

Even though it’s tempting to skip exercise altogetherif you’re living with chronic pain, doing so can weaken muscles and joints. Instead, take steps to exercise in a way that minimizes strain while still engaging muscles enough to promote flexibility and […]

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Sports Injury in Los Angeles, CA
Prevent Spring Sports Injuries

As spring sports season arrives, so does the risk of sustaining some type of injury while playing baseball, softball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, or running track. While there’s always a risk of injury associated with sports involving repetitive movements and contact, […]

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Minimize Back Pain While Running
How Runners Can Minimize Back Pain

Running can place added stress on your back that sometimes results in some degree of pain. If you have existing back problems, jogging or running can make it worse, or result in related leg pain if the sciatic nerve is […]

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Lessen Back Pain During a Marathon Training in Sata Monica, CA
How to Avoid Low Back Pain When Marathon Training

A study of elite athletes found that individuals within that group experienced less lower back than the general population. However, the same study found there is no benefit from an increased training load, making the case for focusing more on […]

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Exercise Carefully While Injured in Santa Monica, CA
Exercising with a Workout Injury

If you exercise on a regular basis, sitting on the sidelines with an injury isn’t an option–or not one you’re likely to accept willingly. When it comes to the aches and pains associated with the injuries listed here, however, there […]

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Tips for Golfing After Spine Surgery
Tips for Golfing After Spine Surgery

Golf itself isn’t all that great for the back, especially if you have a swing that puts a lot of pressure on your spine or throws your posture out of whack. If one of your goals is to get back […]

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Hernias Resulting from Sports Injuries
Understanding a Sports Hernia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

As is the case with lower back pain, labeling something a sports hernia only refers to the general location of the pain (upper groin or lower abdominal area), not the specific source of the discomfort. One thing that is common […]

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Avoid Spineal Injuries While Playing Football
Preventing Neck and Back Injuries When Playing Football

Watching and playing football is a quintessential American pastime, and scores of people enthusiastically await the beginning of its season each fall. The very nature of the sport makes it a risky venture for many participants. Urgent care centers and […]

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Recover From a Spinal Injury Like a Pro
Recovering from Cervical Fusion Surgery Like an Athlete

Athletes tend to have a certain mindset when it comes to recovering from surgery that’s likely to affect their future performance. Even if you’re not a top athlete or weekend warrior, you can still take a cue from some of […]

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