Is Hyperlordosis Diagnosed & Treated in Los Angeles, CA
How Is Hyperlordosis Diagnosed & Treated?

The human spine is naturally curved. However, when that curve is excessive in the lower back just above the buttocks, it’s a condition called hyperlordosis. While rarely seen in children, this abnormality can affect people in all age groups. Characterized […]

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Addressing High Blood Pressure in Seniors in Mesa, AZ
Symptoms & Treatment of Spondylolysis (aka Pars Defect)

Often occurring in the lower back area, spondylolysis is a stress fracture or crack in a spinal bone or vertebra. Specifically, it affects a part of the vertebral arch that joins two vertebrae via their connecting joints (facet joints). This […]

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Malignant Tumors on the Spine: Diagnosis & Treatment in Los Angeles, CA
Diagnosis & Treatment of Malignant Tumors on the Spine

It’s considered rare for a malignant (cancerous) tumor to develop within the spine, which is why symptoms can be overlooked or assumed to be related to something else. Though noncancerous (benign) spinal tumors can affect nerves and create problems, the […]

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Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment of Spinal Instability in Los Angeles, CA
Spinal Instability: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

The design of the human spine is remarkable because it maximizes both strength and flexibility. These are two important qualities, since the backbone houses a good portion of your nerves and helps with your daily movements. It’s easy to see […]

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Things that Raise the Risk of Developing Spinal Osteoporosis in Los Angeles, CA
4 Things that Raise the Risk of Developing Spinal Osteoporosis

Meaning “porous bone” in Latin, osteoporosis (OP) is a bone disease that reduces bone density and strength, sometimes to the point where a person is more likely to experience vertebral or spinal joint fractures. In fact, it’s estimated that more […]

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Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment Of Spinal Cord Cysts in Los Angeles, CA
Spinal Cord Cysts: Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment

A cyst is simply a fluid-filled sac. In some instances, these sacs form in areas where they do little or no harm and go undetected because they produce no noticeable symptoms. However, cysts sometimes form in places where sensitive nerves […]

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Main Reasons for the Development of Scoliosis in Los Angeles, CA
5 Major Reasons for the Development of Scoliosis

It’s estimated that about 9 million Americans have a condition known as scoliosis, which is an abnormal sideways spinal curvature. Scoliosis is often manageable with physical therapy or bracing and treatable with surgery if the curvature is severe. If you’re […]

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What Things You Shouldn't Do with a Herniated Disc in Los Angeles, CA
6 Things You Shouldn’t Do with a Herniated Disc

Having a herniated disc doesn’t always mean surgery is in your immediate future. It’s actually fairly common for discomfort related to a damaged disc to gradually subside within a few weeks or so after you start to experience symptoms, as […]

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Effects of Spinal Degeneration on the Whole Spine in Los Angeles, CA
What Are the Effects of Spinal Degeneration on the Whole Spine?

The spine is remarkably designed to handle a reasonable amount of stress throughout a person’s lifetime. While it normally does a pretty good job of achieving this goal—thanks to help from supporting soft tissues and other parts—age-related changes and added […]

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