How a Spinal Fusion Patient Competed in a Triathlon in Los Angeles, CA
The Story of a Spinal Fusion Patient Who Competed in a Triathlon

It’s easy to talk about the many potential benefits patients can enjoy with successful spinal fusion surgery, but what’s truly inspiring are some of the real-life success stories of individuals who’ve gone on to accomplish impressive goals after recovering from […]

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Athlete woman has back pain, muscle injury during running training
4 Common Back Issues in Young Athletes

From increasing socialization skills to being a regular source of exercise and stress relief, there are many benefits associated with the sports teens and young adults often play. However, any activities that involve spinal movements can be a potential source […]

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How Can Athletes Prevent Spinal Stress Fractures in Los Angeles, CA?
7 Tips for Athletes to Stave Off Spinal Stress Fractures

Most athletes are used to “pushing through the pain” with the minor aches and pains sometimes associated with injuries like stress fractures. While most people associate these tiny bone breaks with feet, ankles, and legs, they can also develop within […]

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6 Spine Safety Tips for Swimmers in Los Angeles, CA
6 Ways to Protect Your Spine When Swimming

Whether you’re doing it to cool off on a hot day, for your own personal enjoyment, or competitively, swimming can have many benefits. Swimming can also be an effective form of exercise for people of all ages. However, any activities […]

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Spine When Playing Tennis in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Protect Your Spine While Playing Tennis

With nearly 20 million active participants, tennis is a centuries-old sport that’s growing in popularity in the United States, and not just among older adults. In fact, there’s been a significant increase in younger players in recent years. Tennis can […]

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Sore After Bowling
5 Causes of Back Pain Related to Bowling

Dating back to ancient Egypt in its earliest form, bowling is more physical than you may realize. During a typical game, most bowlers have to lift, bend, and stretch. And while bowling is certainly a fun activity, the movements involved […]

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Common Skateboarding Injuries
Lower Back Injuries Commonly Caused by Skateboarding

Your spine is designed with flexibility in mind. However, the tissues, bones, joints, and nerves that support it can still be affected by your preferred activities. If skateboarding happens to be part of your regular routine, your spine and large […]

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Neck Fusion Surgery
Is It Possible to Golf Again After Having Neck Fusion Surgery?

The windup and follow-through required for a typical golf swing places a lot of stress on multiple parts of the spine. After having minimally invasive neck surgery, Beverly Hills patients may discover activities like this can be even more stressful […]

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Surgical Procedures Tiger Woods Had recently in Los Angeles, CA
Recent Surgical Procedures for Tiger Woods

Even a seasoned athlete like Tiger Woods has had his share of back problems, some of which have resulted in the need for surgery to correct issues with his spine. Recently, the acclaimed golfer found himself facing another back-related surgery. […]

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