Sore After Bowling
5 Causes of Back Pain Related to Bowling

Dating back to ancient Egypt in its earliest form, bowling is more physical than you may realize. During a typical game, most bowlers have to lift, bend, and stretch. And while bowling is certainly a fun activity, the movements involved […]

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Common Skateboarding Injuries
Lower Back Injuries Commonly Caused by Skateboarding

Your spine is designed with flexibility in mind. However, the tissues, bones, joints, and nerves that support it can still be affected by your preferred activities. If skateboarding happens to be part of your regular routine, your spine and large […]

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Neck Fusion Surgery
Is It Possible to Golf Again After Having Neck Fusion Surgery?

The windup and follow-through required for a typical golf swing places a lot of stress on multiple parts of the spine. After having minimally invasive neck surgery, Beverly Hills patients may discover activities like this can be even more stressful […]

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Surgical Procedures Tiger Woods Had recently in Los Angeles, CA
Recent Surgical Procedures for Tiger Woods

Even a seasoned athlete like Tiger Woods has had his share of back problems, some of which have resulted in the need for surgery to correct issues with his spine. Recently, the acclaimed golfer found himself facing another back-related surgery. […]

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3 Best Tips for Preventing Golf-Related Back Pain
3 Tips for Preventing Golf-Related Back Pain

While you can get plenty of beneficial exercise from walking the green as you work your way through a round of golf, you may also find yourself experiencing unexpected back pain. Low back pain is especially prevalent among golfers because […]

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Common Misconceptions Spine Injuries in Santa Monica CA
3 Misconceptions About Sports-Related Spine Injuries

Second only to car accidents and just ahead of falls as the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, sports-related injuries can contribute to a number of aches and pains involving the backbone. While the spine and its 33 bones are […]

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Sports Injuries in Los Angeles, CA
Back Injuries: When Can You Play Sports Again?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, you’re likely to have a natural desire to get back in the game after a back injury. Actually achieving this goal will depend on your unique circumstances. However, there are some […]

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Nikki Bella Neck Surgery
How WWE Divas Champ Nikki Bella Recovered from Fusion Surgery

Sometimes the movements the spine must endure while you are at work can place extra stress on bones, joints, and muscles. If your occupation happens to involve lifts, pins, and other physically demanding and choreographed moves, there’s always the potential […]

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Baseball Causing Back Injuries in Beverly Hills, CA
5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Baseball-Related Injuries

Though the game is enjoyable to play, baseball can also be hard on the spine, shoulders, elbows, and knees. Most baseball-related aches and pains go away with some basic home remedies or over-the-counter meds. However, some may be more serious […]

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