Exercise Machines for Back in Los Angeles, CA
Back-Friendly Exercise Machines

Having a bad back is the ultimate catch-22. Exercise is beneficial for your spine because it strengthens muscles that support your back. However, getting regular exercise can be difficult if you overwork the same parts of your spine that are […]

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Causes of Spine-Related Pain in the Ribs in Los Angeles, CA
Spine-Related Sources of Pain in the Ribs

Running from the neck to the abdomen, the thoracic spine is protected, to some extent, by the ribcage. It also protects the heart and lungs and other vital structures. However, this fairly durable series of a dozen curved bones can […]

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How Your Weight is Related to Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How Does Losing Weight Help Your Back?

Roughly 90 percent of the population will experience spine-related aches and pains at one time or another. However, this doesn’t mean you just have to accept spine pain as an inevitable part of life. There are many positive lifestyle adjustments […]

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Back-Related Myths in Los Angeles, CA
4 Myths Concerning Your Back

In a Google world, it’s easy to get into the habit of believing whatever spine-related information you happen to come across while searching online. You might even find yourself getting pieces of advice from well-meaning friends that they swear is […]

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Daily Habits Which Can Cause Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Everyday Habits that Can Unwittingly Harm Your Back

From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, your spine is designed to handle an incredibly varied workload. Normally, the spine is perfectly capable of silently bearing this burden, but there may be times when […]

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Preventing Back Problem Caused by Vibrating Machinery in Los Angeles, CA
Avoiding Back Problems Caused by Vibrating Machinery

Working in agricultural, industrial, or construction-related occupations often means using machinery that produces strong vibrations. Work that involves tasks such as plowing, driving in large commercial vehicles or cumbersome transport vehicles for long hours, or using a jackhammer and similar […]

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Features of a Back-Friendly Office Chair in Los Angeles, CA
5 Characteristics of a Back-Friendly Office Chair

Office chairs are like any other piece of furniture in that personal preference is what ultimately determines what’s comfortable for you. Still, there are some back-friendly traits and features that tend to make certain office chairs better than others, especially […]

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Benefits of Good Posture on Your Health in Los Angeles, CA
How Does Good Posture Benefit Your Health?

Just like eating more veggies, maintaining good posture is one of those things most people know is good for them, yet they don’t always do it. Poor posture alone doesn’t usually contribute to sudden or acute back pain. However, it […]

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How to Keep Spine Healthy via Diet in Los Angeles, CA
Diet & Nutrition for a Healthy Spine

The benefits of your ongoing efforts to keep your spine healthy will become apparent each time you have a day without significant or lingering discomfort. Not all potential sources of spine-related pain can be prevented, and some even require the […]

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