Office Seating Options for Spine Health in Los Angeles, CA
5 Uncommon Office Seating Choices for Optimal Back Health

Sitting is sometimes referred to as “the new smoking” in terms of how it can affect the various parts of the body, especially the spine. The problem with sitting is that extra pressure is placed on the lower back and […]

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Reasons for Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade in Los Angeles, CA
7 Possible Reasons for Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade

Pain under your shoulder blade (scapula) can be related to something going on with supporting structures in this area or to something happening in your upper back. Even if this type of pain is fairly localized within your shoulder area, […]

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Effects of Knee Hyperextension on Spine in Los Angeles, CA
How Does Knee Hyperextension Affect the Spine?

There’s nothing you can do about the natural aging process that eventually affects your spine’s bones, joints, and discs. However, you can make an effort to avoid certain mistakes with your posture that tend to accelerate degeneration. One of the […]

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Does Chronic Pain Cause Insomnia in Los Angeles, CA
Is Insomnia Caused by Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain isn’t something that always goes away when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, especially if you’re being treated by a Los Angeles spine surgeon for pain related to your spine or your pain radiates from other […]

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Common Imaging Tests for Spine Los Angeles, CA
3 Imaging Tests Commonly Used to View the Spine

When you see a doctor about a spine-related problem, you’ll likely undergo a thorough physical examination and be asked to describe your symptoms and give some details about your history with back and/or neck pain. With some issues, such as […]

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How to Alleviate Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade in Los Angeles, CA
Alleviating Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade

Because the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, it’s designed to be very loose to allow for a wide range of motion. Since shoulders play a role in various upper body and arm movements, they’re also susceptible […]

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Spinal Health Tips When You Have Osteoporosis in Los Angeles, CA
How to Protect Your Spinal Health When You Have Osteoporosis

As the bone-thinning condition known as osteoporosis (OP) advances, bones of the spine sometimes become so weak and brittle that they develop small cracks called vertebral compression fractures. While it’s possible to have tiny bone breaks without even knowing it, […]

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Characteristics of a Spine Surgery Facility in Los Angeles, CA
4 Characteristics to Check for in a Spine Surgery Facility

If you’ve reached a point where you and your doctor agree surgery is the best option for you, you’ll likely receive a recommendation for where to have your procedure performed. When this suggestion comes from a primary care physician, some […]

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How Sugar Consumption Affects Spine Health in Los Angeles, CA
What Effects Does Sugar Consumption Have on the Health of the Spine?

It’s fine to occasionally indulge in sweet foods or sugary snacks, especially when holidays or special occasions are involved. However, most people aren’t all that good at monitoring their sugar intake. For a 2,000-calorie diet, women should limit their daily […]

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