Is It Essential to Pay Attention to Spinal Health in Los Angeles, CA

It’s easy to take the human spine for granted. Still, it’s not a good idea to keep this all-important part of your anatomy out of mind. If you do, you may find yourself experiencing spine-related aches and pains that instantly demand your attention or pain that develops later in life as other changes within your spine occur. Continue reading to learn why it’s crucial to take spine health seriously during all stages of life.

Back Pain Is Common, and It Has Many Possible Sources

Roughly 90 percent of the population will experience spine-related discomfort at one time or another. This means such issues aren’t rare or limited to age. While older adults are more susceptible to problems with spinal discs, the various parts that make up or support your backbone can be affected at any age by:

• Poor posture
• Sudden trauma
• Improper form when playing sports or exercising

Your Spine Is Affected by Many Different Parts

The human spine consists of 33 individual bones, 23 discs, and an assortment of spinal joints and nerves. But there are many other parts that can also affect your spine in some way, especially if you’re not mindful of things like posture, how long you sit, and other regular habits. Other key spine-supporting parts that should be kept healthy and strong include:

• Large spine-supporting muscles
• Multiple ligaments and tendons
• Muscle groups that provide indirect support, like ones in your legs and abdominal area

Treatment Doesn’t Always Fully Restore Optimal Spine Health

When you break an arm, you’re usually able to resume your normal activities after rehab and proper healing, but the spine doesn’t always work this way. Because of the complex nature of the backbone and its various parts, results from treatments, even ones involving surgery, may be limited. The reason this is sometimes the case is because many problems that can affect the spine are degenerative in nature. In other words, damage occurs over time, as is often the case with disc-related wear and tear.

Plus, once a spinal disc has lost height or the spinal canal has narrowed, it’s usually not possible to simply reverse the damage, even with modern treatment methods such as lumbar disc replacement. Santa Monica residents should understand that natural spinal degeneration affects everyone at some point. But what you can do is make your spine healthier by:
• Getting regular exercise
• Eating a balanced, healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods
• Managing your weight
• Not smoking, or quitting if you do

Spine Health Can Impact Quality of Life

It’s also important to take spine health seriously because of how your quality of daily life can be affected. Even occasional recurring back pain can affect everything from your ability to concentrate at work and get a good night’s sleep to how well you can enjoy favorite activities.

One other step you can take to keep your spine healthy is see your doctor or a spine specialist if you suspect a problem. Even if the issue ends up being fairly minor, it’s best to err on the side of caution and find out what’s going on with your spine.

If you need further guidance on the proper ways to ensure optimal back health or you’re experiencing severe or persistent pain in your back and need to consult with a premier Santa Monica spine surgeon, don’t hesitate to call on the spinal health experts from The Spine Institute. Our pioneering physicians are revolutionizing the industry with innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology for diagnosing and treating every aspect of spine health. Call one of our friendly team members today at 310-828-7757 to schedule a personal consultation.