Tips to Manage Mental Health & Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
4 Ways to Manage Spine Pain & Mental Health

When you first experience back pain, it’s physical in nature, which isn’t much of a concern if your discomfort goes away fairly quickly. However, persistent or chronic spine-related pain can take a noticeable toll on both physical and mental health. […]

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Why Does My Back Feel Hot in Los Angeles, CA
What’s Causing My Back to Feel Hot?

If you haven’t been out in the sun for too long, an unexplained burning sensation around your back is probably related to your spine in some way. Because symptoms that include warmth or burning sensations are somewhat vague, it’s best […]

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Reasons for Your Spine Pain & Shortness of Breath in Los Angeles, CA
5 Possible Reasons for Your Shortness of Breath & Spine Pain

Back pain itself can be reason for concern, especially if it’s not going away with self-care efforts. But when back pain is combined with shortness of breath, the level of concern is understandably much greater. Below are five possible reasons […]

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5 Ways to Stop Lower Back Pain in the Summer [Infographic]
5 Ways to Keep Lower Back Pain from Hijacking Your Summer [Infographic]

Summer’s here, and you’re excited about getting out and being more active. However, your lower back pain might make it difficult to do the things you want to do most this season. The following infographic explains how to protect your […]

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Ways to Handle Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How Do Most People Handle Spine Pain?

Back pain is something many people experience at one time or another, but what really matters about spine-related discomfort is how you decide to handle it. This was one of the topics covered during a recent survey of 2,000 Americans […]

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Misconceptions About Back Pain & Bras in Los Angeles, CA
3 Common Misconceptions About Back Pain & Bras

Women with back pain often have understandable concerns about choosing the right bra, often because of a belief that wearing the wrong support garment can result in distracting spine-related discomfort. Conversely, some women believe the right bra will minimize or […]

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5 Workout Moves for Pain Relief in the Middle & Upper Back

Most spine-related aches and pains are related to problems within the lower back or neck. Therefore, these areas naturally get the most attention. However, less common upper and middle back pain can be just as distracting and frustrating, especially if […]

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Why Is My Sciatica More Painful When I Lie Down?

Sciatica is an irritation of the largest single nerve in the human body—the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back on down. A common symptom associated with this condition is sharp, shooting pain that extends into the leg, and […]

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Tips for Preventing Spine Pain While Grocery Shopping

Some mundane tasks performed on a regular basis can take a noticeable toll on the spine and its various parts. Regular grocery shopping is one of them. You can’t avoid this task altogether, especially if you have a hungry family […]

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