Causes & Treatments of Severe Lower Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Severe Lower Back Pain When You Bend or Sit: Causes & Treatments

It’s not all that uncommon to have lower back pain (LBP). In fact, it’s the leading reason for work-related disability. But not all back pain is created equal. Some lower (lumbar) back pain literally becomes more of a pain when […]

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A Summary of Various Forms of Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Various Forms of Back Pain: A Summary

Many people use the term “back pain” to refer to any type of spine-related ache or pain. However, the intensity and nature of the discomfort can vary greatly from one person to another. The potential sources of back pain can […]

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Link Between Teeth Grinding and Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How Is Teeth Grinding Linked to Back Pain?

An unsupportive mattress, awkward sleeping positions, and lingering inflammation around spinal joints, bones, or discs are just some of the possible reasons you may wake up with back pain. But did you know teeth grinding (bruxism) may also be a […]

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What to do if I Think I've Thrown My Back Out in Los Angeles, CA
I Think I’ve Thrown My Back Out: Now What?

You’ve probably heard of or used the expression “I’ve thrown my back out” in reference to sudden spine-related pain. It’s a common saying, but it doesn’t literally mean your back is out of alignment. It’s simply a way of describing […]

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Finding A Connection Between Incontinence & Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Is There a Link Between Incontinence & Back Pain?

As you get older, it’s not unusual to have back pain. After all, it’s something roughly 90 percent of the population will end up facing at one time or another. Incontinence sometimes becomes an issue later in life as well, […]

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Causes of Back Pain When You Stand in Los Angeles, CA
Why Does My Back Hurt When I Stand?

Back pain is so common that practically everyone has a different story to tell about it. If your particular spine-related tale involves discomfort felt when standing, you may be wondering what could be causing it and, most importantly, what can […]

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Is My Back Pain is a Reason of Acid Reflux in Los Angeles, CA
Can Acid Reflux Be the Reason for My Back Pain?

While heartburn is what most people associate with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), you may be wondering if similar burning pain felt around your spine is related to GERD. It’s possible to have recurring acid reflux and spine-related discomfort at the […]

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Management & Treatment of Coccydynia in Los Angeles, CA
Coccydynia Management & Treatment

Also called the coccyx, the tailbone provides added support for weight distribution. Discomfort in this area at the base of the spine may develop because movement of the tailbone is too limited or too excessive. Abnormal mobility sometimes places added […]

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Tips to Manage Mental Health & Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
4 Ways to Manage Spine Pain & Mental Health

When you first experience back pain, it’s physical in nature, which isn’t much of a concern if your discomfort goes away fairly quickly. However, persistent or chronic spine-related pain can take a noticeable toll on both physical and mental health. […]

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