How Can You Help Someone Seek Help for Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA

Back pain is fairly common, so it’s easy to brush it off as not really being something serious enough to warrant a visit to a doctor or Beverly Hills spine surgeon. However, doing so can make the problem worse and affect quality of life. If you have a friend or family member who’s reluctant to seek help for back pain, here are some talking points to bring up to convince him or her to seek professional help.

Diagnostic Testing Is Better Today

A physical exam is still pretty much what it has always been. However, imaging tests and other diagnostic options have gotten more accurate and precise, especially if a patient is as descriptive as possible about the symptoms and the nature of the discomfort.

There Are Plenty of Nonsurgical Options

Remind someone you know with back pain that seeking help doesn’t automatically mean surgery. The reality for many patients with spine-related issues is that simple nonsurgical treatments often provide welcome relief. Common options of this nature include:

• Physical and/or massage therapy
• Chiropractic adjustments
• Personalized rehab routines
• Diet and exercise changes and other lifestyle adjustments

Knowledge Can Be Comforting

Not knowing what’s going on with back pain often results in a jumble of assumptions and a pattern of procrastination. At the very least, seeking help means receiving an accurate diagnosis, which in itself can provide added peace of mind.

Back Pain Isn’t a Solitary Issue

If someone you know has back pain, he or she may assume it only affects him or her. More often than not, this isn’t the case. If spine-related aches and pains keep coming back or getting worse, it can be difficult to care for children or an elderly loved one or to complete tasks with coworkers.

Activities Can Be Enjoyed Again

From not being able to properly hold a golf club or bowling ball without pain to having a nagging twitch when casting a fishing line, there are many ways back pain can make favorite activities painful. Let the person know he or she may be able to get back to doing the things he or she loves if he or she seeks help for spine pain sooner rather than later.

Acting Early Increases the Odds of Enjoying Better Results

Speaking of sooner rather than later, seeking treatment early often means better results. When spine-related discomfort lingers for months or years with little more than attempts at self-treatment, it can be more difficult to resolve the problem when professional treatment is finally sought. In fact, seeing a specialist as soon as possible often means spine pain can be nearly or completely eliminated rather than just reduced or managed.

A good starting point for a friend or loved one dealing with spinal discomfort is a visit to his or her own primary care physician. Also, remind him or her that some spine specialists and treatment centers are convenient one-stop shops when it comes to all aspects of treatment, from the initial diagnosis and treatment through any follow-up care that may be recommended.

If someone you know is living with severe back pain, get in touch with The Spine Institute. We specialize in procedures ranging from dynamic stabilization to kyphoplasty surgery. Beverly Hills residents who are seeking relief from back pain should call 310-828-7757 today to schedule an in-person evaluation.