How Does Acupuncture Provide Effective Relief from Neck Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Does Acupuncture Provide Effective Relief from Neck Pain?

Dating back thousands of years to its initial use in China, acupuncture is certainly not a new pain management option, nor is it one that’s without merit. In fact, many people experience meaningful relief after receiving acupuncture treatment, which involves […]

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Low Back Pain Diagnosing in Los Angeles, CA
A New Way to Diagnose Low Back Pain

Diagnosing low back pain often includes asking patients to describe the location and duration of their discomfort and what activities seem to aggravate it. While this step is important, it is by no means an exact science. Researchers in New […]

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Clinical Trials in Beverly Hills, CA
Understanding Clinical Trials

Clinical trails are an important first step in advancing medical science. A clinical trail is defined as a scientific study that determines whether a specific medical procedure, device, like those used in spine surgeries, or treatment is effective and safe […]

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New Spinal Fusion Device in Los Angeles, CA
New Spinal Fusion Device Changes

Improvements in the methods used to perform fusion surgery often increase the odds of experiencing meaningful relief for patients suffering from persistent back pain and discomfort. A new spinal fusion device out of Australia is among the recent advances in […]

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Stem Cells for Back Pain Treatment
Stem Cells to Treat Lower Back Pain

Stem cells are unique in that such cells have not yet formed to the point where the cells have a specific purpose. It’s believed that when stem cells are transferred to a new environment, the cells will promote tissue regeneration […]

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Try Physical Therapy or ACDF to Releive Neck Pain in Santa Monica, CA
ACDF or Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

If you have neck pain with neurological symptoms (cervical radiculopathy), you’re likely to reach a point where you can either opt for surgery or continue with non-operative treatments. A common surgical solution is anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), involving […]

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Find Out Whether Patients Prefer Back Pain Relief over Flexibility in Santa Monica, CA
New Study Show Back Pain Relief Is More Important Than Mobility

Physicians and patients aren’t on the same page when it comes to the desire to retain mobility–at least when pain is part of the equation. According to a recent study involving participants with back pain, when given a choice between […]

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