Yoga Poses that Can Relieve Scoliosis Symptoms in Los Angeles, CA
4 Simple Yoga Poses that Can Relieve Scoliosis Symptoms

Even if it wasn’t a great source of discomfort when it first developed, scoliosis can still cause painful flare-ups later in life. One way to keep discomfort related to an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine in check is with […]

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Beginner-Level Yoga Poses for Your Lower Back in Los Angeles, CA
3 Beginner-Level Yoga Poses for Relieving Pain in Your Lower Back

Lower back pain is a common complaint, and it can put a serious cramp in your daily routine if it’s fairly consistent. One of the most effective ways to ease this type of discomfort is with exercise that’s not excessively […]

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Exercises for Spinal Stenosis in Los Angeles, CA
Top Spinal Stenosis Exercises

The narrowing of spaces around the spinal cord that’s characteristic of spinal stenosis isn’t always serious enough to require a procedure such as coflex surgery. Los Angeles patients often find regular exercise can relieve symptoms associated with spinal narrowing. Here’s […]

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Amazing Water Exercises for Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
5 Great Water Exercises for Spine Pain

The most abundant substance on earth, water can the best friend of a person with back pain, especially when certain exercises are too painful to perform on dry land. The natural buoyancy of H2O also allows your spine-supporting structures to […]

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5 Pilates Exercises for Relieving & Preventing Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
5 Pilates Exercises That Can Relieve & Prevent Back Pain

Similar to yoga, Pilates is a series of controlled exercises and movements that target core areas like the abdomen and obliques, lower back, buttock, and inner and outer thighs. These same muscle groups either directly or indirectly support the spine. […]

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4 Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises for Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
4 Great Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises for Relieving Back Pain

Aerobic exercises increase the body’s need for oxygen when performing certain movements. It may seem illogical to do anything movement-based if you have back pain. However, the right aerobic exercises may strengthen muscles that support the spine enough to ease […]

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7 Exercises for Relieving Back Pain When Pregnant in Los Angeles, CA
7 Exercises for Pregnant Women with Back Pain

Hormones produced during pregnancy loosen ligaments around the lower spine to prepare for childbirth. However, relaxed ligaments that also support the spine may contribute to back pain, as can pregnancy-related weight gain and changes in posture. It may be comforting […]

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Ways Active Seniors Can Prevent Back Injuries in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Prevent Back Injuries If You’re an Active Senior

A century-old Japanese woman is the oldest person in history to have competed in a 1500m freestyle swim. This is just one example of how age doesn’t have to be a deterrent to staying active. Even if your personal goals […]

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Elliptical Machine Sciatica
Can You Alleviate Sciatica by Using an Elliptical Machine?

After receiving a sciatica diagnosis, you’ll likely need to rest and try heat and ice applications, anti-inflammatory medications, massage therapy, and other therapeutic treatments. However, at some point, you’ll want to get some exercise in so you can strengthen the […]

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