Dr. Bae Leadership Awards in Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Bae Receives Spine Surgeon Leadership Award from Becker’s Healthcare

The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration in Los Angeles, CA, is proud to announce that Dr. Hyun Bae, Medical Director at the center, is a recipient of the 2016 Spine Surgeon Leadership Award. Becker’s Healthcare, a leading provider of […]

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Dr. Bae Gets Listed on Super Doctors
Dr. Hyun Bae: Los Angeles Super Doctor

Los Angeles-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hyun Bae has been added to an exclusive list of outstanding surgeons complied by trusted industry publication Super Doctors. Super Doctors uses a comprehensive and rigorous process to provide potential patients a carefully chosen selection […]

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Nass Logo
Bae Laboratory Awarded Prestigious NASS Grant

Dr. Juliane Glaeser, a PhD at Bae Laboratory, has been awarded the North American Spine Society (NASS) 2015 Young Investigator Basic Research Grant for her research project entitled Treatment with the NFkB Inhibitor NEMO-Binding Domain Peptide to Inhibit Disc Degeneration. […]

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SCOAP Outcomes
Understanding the Spine SCOAP

Most hospitals and clinics offering spine surgery in Beverly Hills have a different set of metrics when it comes to tracking patient outcomes, determining patient risk, and monitoring recovery. Changes could be on the horizon on a national level due […]

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Technology and Spine Surgery Accuracy
Spine Surgery Becoming More Accurate Thanks to Technology

Advances in technology are greatly reducing common risks associated with most types of back surgery, especially when it comes to helping surgeons improve the accuracy of the intricate movements required for most spine surgeries. With fusion surgery, for instance, new […]

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Evolution and Spine Pain
Research Links Evolution to Spine Problems

Here’s something that maybe even Mr. Darwin didn’t consider – a possible link between evolution and spine problems. The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration shares information from a recent study suggesting there may be a connection between the spines […]

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Spine Pain in Cyclists
Pedi-Scope May Solve Spine Pain Related to Cycling

Mike Lane, a cyclist from Brooklyn, New York has created a device, the Pedi-Scope that enables people who are riding bicycles to see in front of them without extending their necks upward. The inventor, who is an avid rider, was […]

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Ultrasounds and Spine Surgery
Using Ultrasounds in Spine Surgeries

Ultrasound technology, involving the use of sound vibrations at a specific frequency, may play a role in helping patients undergoing surgical spine procedures. In fact, testing is already underway to use ultrasound technology during surgery to achieve more accurate placement […]

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Smartphone Program Treats Back Pain
Treat Back Pain with Your Smartphone?

Technology as it relates to back pain extends beyond groundbreaking techniques in spinal surgery. The latest innovation in back pain relief focuses more on improving the way information is delivered to both patients and their healthcare professionals – and it […]

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