Amazing Stretching Exercises for Travelers in Los Angeles, CA
6 Great Stretching Exercises for Travelers

Sitting for long periods in a car, bus, train, or airplane seat as you make your way to your preferred destination can place added stress on your lower back, weaken your core spine-supporting muscles, increase your risk of developing disc-related […]

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Osteoporosis Exercises That Strengthen Back Extensor Muscles in Los Angeles, CA
Osteoporosis Exercises That Strengthen Back Extensor Muscles

Affecting about 10 million Americans, osteoporosis is a progressive disease that diminishes the quality of bones and joints, including ones that make up the various parts of the spine. People with this condition are more susceptible to developing small compression […]

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Effective Yoga Poses for Relieving Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Which Yoga Poses Are Effective at Relieving Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common ailments experienced in our culture. People living with back pain often go to great lengths in search of relief, from trying herbal remedies to taking scores of over-the-counter medications.¬†However, some individuals have […]

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Exercises to Enhance Your Posture in Los Angeles, CA
5 Exercises for Improving Posture

Most spine-related pain is due, in part, to poor posture habits that have likely gone uncorrected for many years. Incorrect posture throws off the spine’s alignment, places added pressure on spine-supporting structures, and throws off the strength-to-flexibility ratio that needs […]

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How Tai Chi Benefis People with Chronic Neck Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Is Tai Chi Good for People with Chronic Neck Pain?

One thing Santa Monica spine surgeons know is that chronic neck pain patients often face a dilemma. Keeping a neck affected by inflammation, soft tissue damage, or issues with discs, joints, or vertebrae perfectly still can weaken supporting muscles and […]

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How to Keep Your Spine Safe at Spin Class in Los Angeles, CA
How to Protect Your Spine During Spin Class

Burning calories, building muscle tone, and relieving stress are among the many benefits associated with spin classes. These high-intensity cycling workouts can be tailored to experience levels that range from beginner to advanced. If you’re in a crowded class, your […]

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Why Exercise Is Crucial for Your Neck in Los Angeles, CA
Why Is Exercise Essential for Your Neck?

With a general fitness or workout routine that’s not therapeutic in nature, most people tend to focus on overall tone. Others may turn their attention to abdominal muscles, hamstrings, pecs, obliques, or core muscle groups that support the spine and […]

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Are Crunches & Sit-Ups Unhealthy for the Spine? in Los Angeles, CA
Crunches & Sit-Ups: Are These Exercises Bad for the Spine?

There once was a time when your workout routine had to include sit-ups or crunches if you wanted firm abs and a slimmer waistline. However, researchers now know exercises like these have the potential to do more harm than good, […]

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How to Decompress Your Spine without Having Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
Decompressing the Spine without Having Surgery

Herniated or slipped discs, bone spurs, and spinal fractures are among the possible reasons nerve roots may be irritated or compressed. Some patients experience nerve compression from parts of the spinal canal that are narrower than normal (spinal stenosis) or […]

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