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How to Help a Family Member or Friend with Chronic Spine Pain

According to The National Health Interview Survey, about 25 million American adults report having chronic pain, which was defined for the purpose of the survey as discomfort occurring daily for at least three months. A lot of the ongoing pain people experience is spine related. In fact, most of the population will experience back pain […]

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6 Tips to Follow When Using Muscle Relaxants

Muscle relaxants may be prescribed after minimally invasive spine surgery, following a spinal cord injury, or to ease back or neck muscle spasms. These medications are also sometimes used when starting a new physical therapy routine to help with flexibility and range of motion. Benzodiazepines and other types of muscle relaxants are often used to […]

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How the McKenzie Method Treats Back and Neck Pain

Developed by noted physical therapist Robin McKenzie in the 1960s, the McKenzie Method is a well-known physical therapy technique commonly used to assess and treat back and neck pain. The McKenzie Method encompasses a comprehensive approach to pain management that includes diagnosis and assessment, treatment, and prevention. Santa Monica back surgeons discuss this type of […]

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