What Are the Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease & How Is It Treated in Los Angeles, CA
Degenerative Disc Disease: What Are the Symptoms, & How Is It Treated?

Your backbone is fairly versatile and flexible, thanks in part to spongy discs that cushion spinal bones called vertebrae. However, as you age, your spinal discs experience gradual wear and tear. This process is known as degenerative disc disease (DDD). […]

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Spinal Myelography Information in Los Angeles, CA
What You Should Know About Spinal Myelography

It’s fairly common for symptoms associated with spine-related problems to be vague enough to make it difficult to quickly provide an accurate diagnosis. Fortunately, spine specialists have several diagnostic tools and resources they can use to identify the likely source […]

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Spine Tingling & Numbness Treatments in Los Angeles, CA
5 Treatments for Spine Tingling & Numbness

Your spine houses thousands of nerves that play a role in the sensations you feel as you move, sit, and sleep. If one of these nerves is irritated, it’s not unusual for discomfort to be felt elsewhere, such as in […]

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Different Types & Usages of Spinal Implants in Los Angeles, CA
Spinal Implants: Different Types & Usages

Damage due to age-related wear, injuries and accidents, spinal deformities, and instability caused by the removal of a damaged spinal disc are some of the reasons you may need implants surgically placed within your backbone or its related parts. Because […]

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Treatment of Ruptured Spinal Discs in Los Angeles, CA
How Are Ruptured Spinal Discs Treated?

Your spine’s discs are designed to be both cushion-like and durable, but not indestructible. One common way discs can become damaged is when the material inside breaks through the disc’s tougher outer shell. When this happens, it’s referred to as […]

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Treatment of Trapped Nerves in the Spine in Los Angeles, CA
How Trapped Nerves in the Spine Are Treated

Your spine houses a bundle of nerves that branch out to other nerves responsible for many of the sensations you feel, so it’s not too surprising that you may experience some type of discomfort if one of those nerves becomes […]

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Treatments for a Pinched Nerve in Los Angeles, CA
At-Home Treatments for a Pinched Nerve

Nerves need space to send signals and function properly. Should a nerve become obstructed or irritated, you may notice pain either directly within the affected area or somewhere along the nerve’s pathway. A common example is when a “pinched” or […]

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Treatment Options for a Sequestered Spinal Disc in Los Angeles, CA
What Are the Treatment Options for a Sequestered Spinal Disc?

When something is sequestered, it’s separated. If you have a sequestered spinal disc, it means part of the disc has broken off and moved elsewhere within your spinal canal. A sequestered disc happens when inner disc material pushes through the […]

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How to Prevent & Treat Thickening of Spinal Ligaments in Los Angeles, CA
Preventing & Treating Thickening of Spinal Ligaments

To maintain stability, the spine needs support from some tissues that are tough and firm. In a nutshell, this is what spinal ligaments called ligamentum flavum do. These tough fibers connect spinal bones (vertebrae) together. Over time, these ligaments become […]

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