Treatments for Facet Joint Hypertrophy

Located along each level of the rear side of the spine, facet joints are small structures that support and stabilize the backbone and keep it flexible. As is the case with other parts of the spine, facet joints can be […]

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Treatment for Juvenile Disc Disorder in Los Angeles, CA
How Is Juvenile Disc Disorder Treated?

Many people associate spine-related problems with older adults. Statistically, this age group does tend to be affected most by issues of this nature, but there are some spine-related conditions that can be equally troublesome for younger patients. One of these […]

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How to Treated Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease in Los Angeles, CA
Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease: How Is It Treated?

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is the general term for the type of age-related disc wear that can contribute to back pain and related symptoms. The resulting discomfort can also involve numbness, pain that radiates to the legs, and other nerve-based […]

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Scheuermann's Disease: Diagnosis & Treatment in Los Angeles, CA
Diagnosis & Treatment of Scheuermann’s Disease

Most likely to affect children 13 to 16 years of age, juvenile osteochondrosis is a condition that affects the upper middle (thoracic) spine. Also referred to as Scheuermann’s disease, this developmental disorder can contribute to an abnormal spinal curvature and […]

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How to Have a Productive Doctor Visit if You Have Sciatica in Los Angeles, CA
Ways for People with Sciatica to Optimize the Effectiveness of Doctor Visits

In the United States, meetings with doctors average roughly 20 minutes. While this certainly beats the 48-second average in Bangladesh, it still doesn’t give you a lot of time to fully explore your options with regard to sciatica treatments during […]

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Ways for Treating Spine Problems in Military Personnel in Los Angeles, CA
Treating Spine Problems in Military Personnel

It should come as no surprise that servicemen and women are more likely to experience spine-related discomfort. After all, service members routinely put their bodies through strenuous maneuvers, grueling training sessions, and other physically demanding activities. If you or someone […]

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Treatment Options for Age-Related Hyperkyphosis

There’s no denying how remarkable the human spine is. After all, it’s normally able to withstand the stress from daily movement and regular activity fairly well. However, for some people, all the years of stress and strain cause the spine’s […]

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What Are the Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease & How Is It Treated in Los Angeles, CA
Degenerative Disc Disease: What Are the Symptoms, & How Is It Treated?

Your backbone is fairly versatile and flexible, thanks in part to spongy discs that cushion spinal bones called vertebrae. However, as you age, your spinal discs experience gradual wear and tear. This process is known as degenerative disc disease (DDD). […]

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Spinal Myelography Information in Los Angeles, CA
What You Should Know About Spinal Myelography

It’s fairly common for symptoms associated with spine-related problems to be vague enough to make it difficult to quickly provide an accurate diagnosis. Fortunately, spine specialists have several diagnostic tools and resources they can use to identify the likely source […]

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