Precautions To Take When Preparing for Back Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
4 Things to Remember When Preparing for Back Surgery

Spine-related procedures performed today are generally considered more reliable than even a decade or so ago. This is largely because of improvements in technology and patient care coupled with the widespread adoption of less invasive surgical techniques. While this is […]

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Optimizing Your Consultation with a Spine Specialist in Los Angeles, CA
Optimizing Your Consultation with a Spine Specialist

You may be apprehensive about going to a spine specialist, especially if it’s your first time being referred to one. However, your initial consultation with a doctor specializing in conditions affecting the spine and its related parts can be productive […]

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Disagreeing With the Spine Surgeons in LA,CA
What to Do If Your Spine Surgeons Disagree

Back pain is just one of several conditions that doesn’t always have a clear cause, sometimes resulting in contrasting opinions from different board-certified spine physicians in Santa Monica. Disagreements can occur over everything from the initial diagnosis to how best […]

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Talking to Your Orthopedic Surgeon in Los Angeles, Ca
What to Do When Your Orthopedic Surgeon Won’t Listen

A visit with a spine surgeon in Los Angeles should be an opportunity to learn more about your condition and discuss possible treatment options beyond what you’ve already tried. Whether it’s due to an overly cautious approach to treatment or […]

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Invasive Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
What to Ask Before Undergoing Spine Surgery

After deciding that spine surgery is the best option to improve your quality of life, schedule a separate pre-surgery appointment to ask questions. During the initial discussion about surgery, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or distracted, so taking time to […]

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Doctors Who Treat Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Different Specialists Who Treat Back Pain

From non-specific lower back discomfort to near-debilitating pain aggravated by movement, back pain comes in many forms. Regardless of the extent of your pain, your path towards relief is likely to start with a visit to your primary care physician. […]

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Spine Sergery Second Opinion in Los Angeles, CA.
When to Get a Second Opinion About Spine Surgery

Some people would never dare question the opinion of their spine surgeon while other patients automatically assume the second opinion is better. When it comes to spine surgery, however, it’s best to find a happy medium between these two extremes. […]

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Back Surgeon Consultation in Beverly Hills, CA
Helping Your Spine Surgeon Help You

When remedies like physical therapy and an assortment of over-the-counter and prescription medications aren’t relieving your chronic lower back pain, back or surgery is an option worth considering with the help of expert Beverly Hills spine surgeons. You can, however, […]

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Find the Right Spine Specialist for Spine Surgery in Santa Monica, CA
Finding the Right Spine Specialist

While non-life threatening spine surgery is considered elective, it’s still a big step to take towards finding meaningful relief. The key to successful spine surgery is a correct diagnosis. This is one of the reasons why you want to choose […]

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