The First 90 Days After Back Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
Recovering from Back Surgery: The First 90 Days

Back surgery can lead to welcome improvements in your quality of life, thanks to benefits that may include less discomfort, increased flexibility, and the ability to get back to the activities you enjoy. To reap these rewards, you’ll need to […]

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Best Gifts For a Person Recovering from a Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Fantastic Gifts for a Loved One Who’s Had Spine Surgery

You probably have some ideas about what to get a friend or someone in your family for his or her birthday or an upcoming holiday, but deciding what to give someone special in your life after back surgery can be […]

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What You Should Consider Before Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Things to Consider Prior to Having Spine Surgery

Most people don’t make the decision to have back surgery lightly. It’s usually an option that’s explored when different forms of physical therapy, various medications, and other conservative treatments fail to provide sufficient relief. However, if you’re seriously considering having […]

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Reasons to Prepare for Recovery from Spine Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
What You Should Know to Prepare for Recovery from Spine Surgery

The first type of spine surgery in recorded history was performed in the 7th century. In the 21st century, we’ve reached a point where many common procedures can be performed with minimally invasive techniques that involve smaller incisions and fewer […]

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What is Needed During Back Surgery Recovery in Los Angeles, CA
8 Things You Need During Back Surgery Recovery

For many patients in Beverly Hills, back surgery can be a good thing when all is said and done, especially if they can do the things that matter most without distracting pain. Still, there will be a period after your […]

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Properly Caring for a Surgical Site After Back Surgeryin Los Angeles, CA
How to Properly Care for a Surgical Site Following Back Surgery

Whether spine surgery involves a minimally invasive procedure with smaller incisions or traditional open surgery with a larger incision to access the affected area, the surgical site will need to be taken care of properly as tissues heal. While spine […]

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Various Spine Surgeries in Los Angeles, CA
3 Common Back Surgeries

Back surgery is a last resort for most people. Nonetheless, it’s something more than 200,000 Americans undergo each year. If you do reach a point where Los Angeles back surgery is your most promising option for relief, there are certain […]

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Knowing When To Return to Work After Herniated Disc Surgery in Santa Monica, CA
How Soon Can You Return to Work After Herniated Disc Surgery?

If you’ve had surgery to correct back pain due to a herniated disc, you’re likely wondering how long it will be before you can safely return to work. The growing trend toward minimally invasive surgeries and techniques means you likely […]

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Quick Back Exercises in Los Angeles, CA
How to Maximize the Benefits of Back Surgery

If surgery is deemed your best bet for relief from back pain, you’re likely to have reasonable expectations for what your life will be like after the procedure. In addition to making sure you and your board-certified spinal surgeon are […]

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