Important 2018 Statistics Related to Chronic Pain
Important 2018 Statistics Related to Chronic Pain [Infographic]

Many people in the United States live with chronic back or neck pain. Those in Southern California can benefit greatly from seeing a trusted Los Angeles spine surgeon. At The Spine Institute, we believe it’s important for our patients to […]

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Easing Sacroiliac Joint Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How to Ease Pain in Your Sacroiliac Joint

Located below the waist, the sacroiliac (SI) joints connect the lower part of the spine to the pelvis. Aging, pregnancy, and even previous spine surgery in the same area can contribute to a sacroiliac joint dysfunction that causes pain in […]

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Spine Safety Tips for Those Who Ride Bicycles in Los Angeles, CA
Spine Safety Strategies for People Who Ride Bikes

Biking is an excellent form of exercise that can increase the strength and flexibility of many of the muscle groups that provide some type of support for the backbone. It can also be an effective way to enhance posture and […]

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10 Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy Back
10 Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy Back [Infographic]

There are a variety of ways you could potentially injure your back. Though some injuries may be minor, others can lead to severe chronic pain. However, the Los Angeles spine surgery experts at The Spine Institute want to share an […]

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7 Tips to Help You Prevent Lower Back Pain
7 Tips to Help You Prevent Lower Back Pain [Infographic]

Los Angeles spine surgeons can come in very handy if you’re experiencing chronic pain in your lower back and believe the solution might be surgery. However, there are a few steps you can take that can help you prevent the […]

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Facts About Spinal Cord Injury Awareness
Facts About Spinal Cord Injury Awareness [Infographic]

People who injure their spinal cord may end up with temporary or permanent changes in their overall spine health. Oftentimes, spinal cord injuries (SCIs) can be corrected by undergoing some form of spine surgery. Los Angeles residents who are interested […]

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Human Spine Facts
10 Incredible Facts About the Human Spine

Consisting of 33 bones, more than 120 muscles, over 200 individual ligaments, and an assortment of nerves and supportive discs, the human spine is designed to perform many important functions with maximum efficiency. It’s easy to take your backbone for […]

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Maintaining Emotional Health After Spinal Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Stay Emotionally Healthy Following Spinal Surgery

Spine surgery can take a toll on more than just your body. There are also some emotional issues that can affect recovery. While how well your muscles, joints, and bones are healing can be carefully monitored, and rehab can be […]

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Wearing a Helmet May Raise the Risk of a Spine Injury in Los Angeles, CA
Does Wearing a Helmet Raise the Risk of a Spine Injury?

For safety reasons, the benefits of wearing a helmet are clear and rarely disputed, especially among doctors who routinely treat patients who have been in accidents. Additionally, it’s mandatory for all motorcyclists to wear helmets in 19 states and the […]

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