Human Spine Facts
10 Incredible Facts About the Human Spine

Consisting of 33 bones, more than 120 muscles, over 200 individual ligaments, and an assortment of nerves and supportive discs, the human spine is designed to perform many important functions with maximum efficiency. It’s easy to take your backbone for […]

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Maintaining Emotional Health After Spinal Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Stay Emotionally Healthy Following Spinal Surgery

Spine surgery can take a toll on more than just your body. There are also some emotional issues that can affect recovery. While how well your muscles, joints, and bones are healing can be carefully monitored, and rehab can be […]

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Wearing a Helmet May Raise the Risk of a Spine Injury in Los Angeles, CA
Does Wearing a Helmet Raise the Risk of a Spine Injury?

For safety reasons, the benefits of wearing a helmet are clear and rarely disputed, especially among doctors who routinely treat patients who have been in accidents. Additionally, it’s mandatory for all motorcyclists to wear helmets in 19 states and the […]

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How to Prevent Narrowing of the Spinal Canal in Los Angeles, CA
5 Ways to Prevent Narrowing of the Spinal Canal

As you age, your spine may be affected by the gradual wear of supporting discs and conditions such as osteoarthritis, degenerative scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease. These changes sometimes result in a narrowing of the spinal canal that can reach […]

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Simple Ways to Maintain a Happy & Healthy Spine in Los Angeles, CA
How to Maintain a Happy & Healthy Spine

A healthy spine is a happy spine. The backbone itself is fairly durable yet highly complex when you consider everything that could directly or indirectly affect the spine and its supporting discs, joints, and muscles. Fortunately, adopting a preventative attitude […]

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Post Surgery Medication in Los Angeles, CA
Commonly Prescribed Medications Post-Surgery

Intravenous medications are often used during and immediately after surgery to manage pain. Beyond that point, pain is managed with medications patients will have to take while their body heals. While the specific combination varies based on the type of […]

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Running After Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
2016 Resolutions for Improved Spine Health

With the New Year upon us, there is no better time to commit to changes that will improve your overall health and wellbeing. While many people make the following resolutions with specific aesthetic goals in mind, they also serve to […]

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Protect Your Back During Your Golden Years
How to Maintain Good Posture with Age

It’s a good idea to practice good posture at any age. However, maintaining good posture as you get older can help prevent age-related spine conditions like osteoporosis. Whether you used to have good posture or you’ve developed bad sitting and […]

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Load-Bearing Sports and Osteoporosis
Load-Bearing Sports in Youth May Shield Men from Osteoporosis

While contact sports have long been associated with back problems, research suggests that load-bearing sports may have positive benefits for young men.

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