Why Is It Difficult to Diagnose Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
What Makes Back Pain Hard to Diagnose?

If you sprain your arm when you fall off your bike, it’s fairly obvious what’s causing your pain. But the source of back-related aches and pains isn’t always as easy to pinpoint. In fact, back pain is often notoriously difficult […]

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Similarities & Differences : Kidney Pain vs. Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Kidney Pain vs. Back Pain: Similarities & Differences

It’s natural to assume aches and pains originating from somewhere near your spine are related to your backbone or its parts. But before making this assumption, know that your kidneys are located on either side of your spine in the […]

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Is COVID Causing More Back Pain in Children in Los Angeles, CA
Are More Kids Experiencing Back Pain because of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 can directly or indirectly impact more than just the individuals who have this virus. The global pandemic is also contributing to an uptick in spine-related discomfort in younger people. While back pain isn’t normally associated with this particular age […]

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Do Children Experience Spinal Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Back Pain in Children

Spine pain isn’t limited when it comes to who may be affected by it. While older adults are statistically more likely to experience back-related aches and pains, children and teens can also have issues with this type of discomfort. Fortunately, […]

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What Are the Benefits of a Telehealth Visit for Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
What Advantages Do Telehealth Visits Offer for Back Pain?

Remote health technology was already rising in popularity before COVID-19 came along. However, this global health crisis has made remote healthcare visits even more appealing and practical, especially for spine-related issues. If you’re new to what’s also referred to as […]

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What to Do When Back Pain Becomes a Daily Battle in Los Angeles, CA
Steps to Take if You Have Back Pain Every Day

Back pain, in general, isn’t all that unusual. In fact, roughly 90 percent of adults have acute or chronic spine-related aches and pains at some point in their lives. Still, this doesn’t mean back pain should be considered normal. Actually, […]

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Managing Uncertainty When It Comes to Treating Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How to Manage Uncertainty When It Comes to Treating Back Pain

Back pain is sometimes a frustrating mystery. This is mainly because the human spine itself is fairly complex and affected by many different factors and supporting parts. What this can mean for some people with back pain is the uncertainty […]

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Hamstring Stretches to Relieve Sciatica Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Stretches for the Hamstrings to Alleviate Pain from Sciatica

The hamstrings are a group of muscles in the back part of the upper leg. If these soft tissues are tight, added stress can be placed on the lower back. This can be a problem if you also have issues […]

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All About Back Pain & Spinal Anatomy in Los Angeles, CA
Understanding Spine Anatomy & Its Relation to Pain

The human spine can be compared to a well-oiled machine when it’s functioning properly. It’s also a structure that provides protection for nerves, shock/stress absorption to handle your daily movements, flexibility so you can do things like bend and twist, […]

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