Fashion Accessories that Could Harm Your Spine in Los Angeles, CA

There’s nothing wrong with being trendy and stylish when it comes to fashion and the extra things that round out your look. But some of your choices with the accessories you wear or carry could end up affecting your spine. Here are three of the main culprits when it comes to spine-related aches and pains and fashion accessories.

1. Shoes

Shoes aren’t just something you put on your feet. They can also take a toll on your spine if you’re not careful about choosing which shoes you wear. Footwear that’s not supportive can throw off your spine’s alignment or place an added burden on your lower back. Over time, this extra stress can contribute to:

• Accelerated spinal wear
• Disc-related issues
• Muscle strain that affects your spine

Be especially careful with heels. If they’re too high, you’ll throw off your spinal alignment even if you’re able to stay balanced. At the very least, change things up with your shoes so you’re not always wearing ones that aren’t all that supportive.

2. Purses & Handbags

Over time, purses and handbags can become heavier and more burdensome on whichever shoulder you prefer to carry them on. Speaking of shoulder preference, if you’re not regularly alternating, the added stress and strain on one shoulder could affect your neck or upper spine.

Inflammation caused by irritated soft tissues can also be a source of spine-related discomfort related to purses and handbags. Minimize issues with whatever type of bag you prefer to carry by:

• Routinely cleaning it out so it’s not too heavy
• Alternating shoulders as you carry your purse or handbag
• Mixing things up by using different shoulder bags for different purposes (e.g., one bag for work, one for when you exercise, etc., so you’re not overloading one bag)

3. Cellphones & Other Handheld Devices

The rise of cellphone usage has also led to an increase in cervical spine strain and wear, or degeneration. This can happen from spending too much time leaning forward and looking down at your phone, tablet, or other handheld device.

There’s sufficient research suggesting a link between device use and an increase in neck/upper spine issues. Part of the reason for this is because leaning and bending your head shifts your head-neck alignment. In other words, your neck and upper back have to support the full weight of your head. Reduce your risk of experiencing spine problems related to your devices by:

• Watching your posture as you use your phone and other devices
• Getting into the habit of keeping your phone close to eye level
• Avoiding leaning excessively as you use your phone

Spine pain isn’t always related to how you accessorize or what you carry. Even so, being mindful of the tips discussed here can certainly be good for your backbone and its supporting parts. Any type of spine-related discomfort, regardless of the possible source, should be reason enough to see your doctor or a Beverly Hills spine surgeon.

If you’re experiencing chronic back or neck pain due to a fashion choice or another reason, make an appointment with Dr. Hyun Bae at The Spine Institute to determine if you might need specialized treatment such as minimally invasive neck surgery. Beverly Hills residents can put their trust in Dr. Bae and his team of expert surgeons to diagnose the source of their pain and find the most effective way to alleviate it. To schedule an in-person evaluation, call 310-828-7757 today.