Exercise Activities that Could Hurt Your Spine in Los Angeles, CA

Being active is generally good for a healthy spine or even one that’s healing. At the same time, there are some exercise activities that could do more harm than good for your backbone and its various parts. Today, we’re going to put the spotlight on some exercise-related activities and habits that could hurt your spine.

Relying on Pain Meds Too Much

Getting into the habit of relying on pain meds to “push through” the pain as you get active or exercise is ultimately not going to do much good for your spine. This is because the relief experienced with medication is only temporary, since the actual source of your discomfort isn’t being treated. Instead, couple medication with other treatments that could help you be more active on a long-term basis without needing to turn to medication first.

Forgetting about Your Core

Arms and legs get a lot of attention during workout routines. While muscles in these areas are important, there are other soft tissues in the middle of your body that shouldn’t be ignored. These are your core muscle groups, and they need to be stimulated and strengthened because they stabilize and support your spinal bones and discs. A lack of proper support for your spinal discs could eventually cause them to deteriorate and result in the need for medical treatment such as spinal fusion surgery. Los Angeles residents who want to keep their core muscles strong should consider the following common core exercises:

• Planks
• Sit-ups
• Hip flexor stretches
• Crunches

Yoga is another way to target your core spine-supporting muscle groups. It’s a beneficial discipline, since the moves are done in a slow, controlled way.

Using Inversion Tables

When used correctly, inversion tables may stretch parts of your spine and its supporting structures and muscles in a way that eases your pain and increases flexibility. There’s some debate about whether or not tables that shift the body’s position are actually beneficial or harmful. The one thing that can be said with a fair degree of certainty is that inversion tables can be harmful if not used the right way.

If you do want to consider using an inversion table, talk to your doctor or a spine specialist first. This way, you’ll be able to get some tips and advice specific to your situation before you get started. Also, make sure you fully understand how to use your preferred inversion table before giving it a try.

Overdoing or Underdoing It

Being too get-up-and-go about exercise activities can put too much stress and pressure on your spine. This is especially true if you don’t properly warm up and stretch before exercising or getting active. Conversely, a sedentary lifestyle could hurt your spine as well. Sitting, in particular, can be problematic for your spine if you do too much of it at any one time. Find a happy medium by exploring ways to enjoy spine-friendly exercises and activities that are in line with your capabilities, preferences, and comfort levels.

If you have existing spine-related issues, check with your doctor before you step up your activities and exercise routines. A Los Angeles spine surgeon or physical therapist can also help you out by recommending safe ways to stay active in a way that’s good for your spine.

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