Can Wearing a Spinal Support Belt Be Beneficial?in Los Angeles, CA

Spine pain is something that will eventually affect pretty much everyone at one time or another. If this is something you’re currently living with on a fairly regular or recurring basis, you’re likely open to any reasonable suggestions, one of which is the use of a supportive belt. While every situation is different, there are some general benefits of spinal support belts worth mentioning.

What Is a Spinal Support Belt?

As the name suggests, a spinal support belt provides an added level of support for the spine and supporting muscle groups. Some belts are worn directly around the lower back and abdominal area, and others are more elaborate, with straps that go up and over the shoulders. Now, let’s go over some of the possible benefits associated with spinal support belts and some related points you’ll also want to keep in mind.

Improves Posture Awareness

While some spinal aches and pains are due to sudden or acute injuries, it’s more common for spine-related pain to develop over time. This often happens due to years of poor posture habits. What a spinal support belt can do is remind you to be more aware of how you move, reach, bend, sit, and stand. The resistance the belt provides could also encourage you to:

• Bend at your knees and not your waist
• Sit up straight, especially when sitting for longer periods
• Not excessively hunch or lean

Gives You Extra Support as You Go about Your Day

As you go about your various daily activities and movements, a spinal support belt can prevent you from making excessive twists and turns. It does this by physically restricting certain movements, which ultimately reduces your risk of reinjury or overstressing your spine.

Complements Other Treatments

A spinal support belt, while not meant to be a standalone treatment, can complement existing treatments. Therefore, a belt could give you some added support at work until you get home and perform any at-home physical therapy stretches or exercises that may have been recommended for you. The main thing to remember is that wearing a support belt shouldn’t be all you’re doing to manage your symptoms or discomfort.

Potential Risks & Limitations

A spinal support belt isn’t an actual treatment for anything. For instance, if your discomfort stems from a worn, bulging, or slipped spinal disc, a belt won’t do anything significant to take pressure off nearby nerves. If your discs are diseased or damaged enough, a spine specialist may recommend a lumbar disc replacement. Santa Monica patients who undergo this procedure often get immediate pain relief, which continues to improve over the following weeks and months.

Some people also develop a false sense of security when wearing a spinal support belt. For example, if you take risks with certain activities or lift heavier things and assume the belt will protect your spine, you may end up creating an entirely new problem.

There’s not really any notable or significant scientific evidence suggesting spinal support belts directly prevent or ease spine-related discomfort. That being said, after getting an accurate diagnosis, you’re certainly welcome to talk to your doctor or Santa Monica spine surgeon for more specific input on the use of a spinal support belt.

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