Large Breasted Women

The average bust size in the United States is now a 36C, a jump from 34B just 15 years ago. Large breasts can create a weight imbalance that affects spinal alignment and posture to the point where more back and neck pain is experienced. Though breast reduction surgery is becoming an increasingly popular solution, board-certified spine surgeons believe there are some other remedies worth considering.

1. Adjust How You Stand

Slouching forward only throws off your posture even more. Make a conscious effort to pull yours shoulders back and keep your chest up with your head over your shoulders. It will eventually become a habit.

2. Build Up Your Shoulder Muscles

Keeping your scapulars (shoulder blades) strong can take some of the burden off your spine. Do a quick stretch by:

  • Touching your shoulders and pelvis against a wall
  • Lifting your arms to shoulder level
  • Raising your arms upward as much as possible
  • Keeping your elbows against the wall
  • Bringing your elbows downward
  • Squeezing your shoulder blades until you feel muscle contraction

3. Strengthen Your Thoracic Muscles

The muscles supporting your chest wall can become weak over time from supporting excess breast weight. Keep these muscles firm by:

  • Laying on your stomach
  • Placing your fingertips behind your head
  • Lifting your upper chest and head off the ground
  • Holding until you feel the stretch in your upper and mid-back
  • Raising your feet simultaneously to increase difficulty

4. Restore Your Spinal Alignment

Create a slight arch by placing a small cushion in the middle of your spine as you rest on your back. Raise your arms above your head and hold the position for about 5 to 10 minutes. Add difficulty later by using a larger cushion.

Some men are also having similar issues because obesity continues to be a growing epidemic regardless of gender. If you’re living with chronic spine pain partly because of weight or bust size issues, see what spine specialists in Los Angeles have to say.

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