Causes of Recurring Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA

Some health-related issues, such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, and even fractured bones, tend to be resolved completely once the body’s natural healing processes have done their job. However, this isn’t always what happens with back pain. It’s not all that unusual for spine-related aches and pain to return. If this is what you’ve been experiencing, it’s safe to assume you want to know why. Keep reading to learn five possible reasons your back pain might be returning.

1. You’re Treating the Wrong Thing

Many different spine-related problems can produce similar symptoms. For instance, both a herniated disc in the lower back and nerve irritation affecting the sciatic nerve because of issues with the nearby piriformis muscles can produce discomfort that extends from the lower back on down. If you believe you’re treating the correct source of your back pain and you’re actually not, your symptoms could keep returning. If you have a serious issue such as a damaged disc or an abnormally narrow spinal canal, you may be able to find permanent relief with a surgical procedure such as lumbar disc replacement. Santa Monica residents who have recurring back pain should get a diagnosis from a spine specialist so they can get the treatment they need.

2. You Consider Back Pain a “Part of Life”

Some people assume back pain is just one of those things that happens to be a part of life, so they simply grin and bear it. Yes, it’s true that anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of the population does experience spine-related discomfort at one time or another, but it’s certainly not something you should just accept. There are many treatments available—including a lot of non-surgical ones—that could provide welcome relief.

3. You’re Just Treating the Symptoms

Medication may provide relief, but it’s often only temporary because pain and anti-inflammatory drugs are largely intended to manage symptoms, not treat the true source of back pain. If you simply rely on meds to control your discomfort, you’ll likely have back pain that never fully goes away.

4. You’re Not Putting in Much Effort

If you’re advised to contact a physical therapist or make certain lifestyle changes and you never follow through, you may experience back pain that’s a pesky return visitor. While the human body does have a remarkable ability to heal, you also have to step up and do your part to make your spine as healthy as it can be. Otherwise, you may be living with back pain for an indefinite period. Effort typically means:

  • Actively participating in your physical therapy sessions
  • Following guidelines for how soon you can get back to your normal routine
  • Doing the exercises recommended to strengthen your spine-supporting muscles

5. You’re Not Seeking Professional Input

Avoid the temptation to self-diagnose or follow advice from well-meaning friends. You’ll ultimately be better off if you see your doctor or a Santa Monica spine surgeon if you have back pain that’s lingering, getting worse, or coming back fairly frequently.

Also, the sooner you find out what’s really causing your back pain to come back, the more likely it is you’ll respond well to a treatment plan customized to your specific spine-related issues. It’s equally important to be proactive about prevention by watching your diet and posture and being mindful of the foods you eat and the way you prepare your back and its supporting parts for your regular activities.

If you’re experiencing back pain that returns again and again, don’t hesitate to call on a spine specialist for diagnosis and treatment. The pioneering physicians at The Spine Institute have years of experience treating every cause of neck and back pain, so give us a call at 310-828-7757 today to schedule a consultation.