Dancer Lower Back Pain

Though regular physical activity is generally good for your back, there are times when specific movements can contribute to muscle strain and even back pain. Dancing can be especially tough on your spine and its supporting structures due to the natural inclination to overcompensate and overwork certain muscle groups. Oftentimes, the added strain on muscles and joints doesn’t become apparent until you’re finished with your routine. Professional back surgeons in Santa Monica explain why.

Pelvic Tilts

The need to stick out your behind, whether for the purpose of posturing or because of moves specific to the dance you’re doing, can throw off your posture. The result is muscles and tendons that get tighter and place pressure on your lower back. Avoid over exaggerated moves and consciously bringing your hips forward rather than thrusting them backward.

Excessively Leaning Back

There’s a tendency for dancers to compensate for a lack of flexibility by leaning back rather than bending at the knees. Bringing your weight backward past your heels puts extra force on your lower back, which often results in pain from overworked muscles. Make sure to keep your weight and hips beyond the balls of your feet and minimize back bends.

Lack of Upper Body Support

Dancing can result in an unintentional imbalance where you’re relying on the lower body for most of your support while moving. This typically results in overworked back-supporting muscles. You can correct this by focusing on isolating your upper body and avoiding the temptation to default to your lower body for compensation.

Minimize your risk of back pain by performing muscle-strengthening exercises. The hip bridge, for instance, which involves lifting your hips off the ground while maintaining a neutral spine position as you squeeze your abdominals, can stretch your hip flexors and stabilize your backbone. Yoga can also be helpful because movements are slower and based on specific postures.

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