Artificial disc replacement is becoming an increasingly appealing option to traditional spinal fusion surgery. The procedure, involving the insertion of a disc designed to assume the function of the damaged disc, can be performed on either the lumbar spine (lower back) or cervical spine (neck). One of the devices used in artificial disc replacement surgery is the Mobi-C.

Unique Features of the Mobi-C Artificial Disc

The Mobi-C is currently the only artificial cervical disc approved for use in the United States beyond a single level of implementation. The artificial disc, already tested in Europe, has a mobile bearing core that’s a departure from the design of other cervical discs. The purpose of this unique feature is to eliminate the need for bone keels. The device’s patented Mobile Core Technology also allows for extension of lateral bending and natural cervical motion.

Fusion Surgery Compared to Artificial Disc Replacement with Mobi-C

While fusion surgery can be successful, the procedure often results in a reduced ability to fully move the neck from side to side. As an alternative to fusion surgery, the Mobi-C device is placed inside of the space created by the removal of the damaged disc to alleviate pressure on nerves and restore height. Advantages of the Mobi-C include:

  • Prevention of degeneration of nearby discs
  • Possibly preventing the need for additional surgeries
  • Reduces stress between the implant and adjacent bone
  • No chisel cuts into small vertebral bodies (allowing for implantation at two levels)

The removal of a disc from any part of the spinal cord requires the need for a suitable device to replace the function of the damaged disc when opting for a solution other than fusion surgery. With initial testing showing promising results, the Mobi-C looks to be a worthwhile consideration for patients looking to enjoy pain-free mobility.

To learn more about Mobi-C surgery, reach out to the Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration in Santa Monica. Medical director and board certified orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hyun Bae is the authority on Mobi-C surgery, acting as the leading investigator, principal researcher and co-inventor of the device. To see if you are a candidate for artificial disc replacement with Mobi-C, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bae by calling (310) 828-7757 today.