What to Tell Your Employer Regarding Your Back Pain in Santa Monica, CA

Often affecting working age adults between 35 and 45, lower back pain can sometimes make it difficult to perform a job. If you’ve been given the go-ahead to continue working, a decision based on how demanding your duties are, there are some things you’ll want to tell your employer to prevent misunderstandings and other potential issues. Board-certified back doctors in Santa Monica discuss a few of these considerations.

1. Special Accommodations May Be Necessary

Sitting all day isn’t good for any spine, especially one that’s susceptible to pain. Though taking periodic breaks and alternating between a sitting and standing position as much as possible can help, consider asking for a few special accommodations, including:

  • An ergonomically designed chair
  • A sitting/standing desk
  • An exercise ball for use during your breaks

2. Encouragement Is Appreciated

In some work environments, there’s a tendency to not acknowledge anything out of the ordinary about a coworker or employee. Let your boss know your back pain isn’t something that’s likely to be temporary or “cured,” and that you wouldn’t mind some encouragement and kind words from everybody.

3. Working from Home Occasionally May Boost Your Productivity

Ask your boss if you can work from home on days when your back pain is likely to make a commute difficult. Let him or her know you won’t take advantage of this option, and that doing so on occasion can actually help you stay productive.

4. You’ll Have Good and Bad Days

Your boss may assume your back problems are a thing of the past if you’re showing no visible signs of discomfort. However, most instances of lower back pain are intermittent. Let your boss know there will be fluctuations and a pleasant demeanor isn’t an indication of “recovery.”

Two-thirds of the $100 billion spent each year on lower back pain in the U.S. is due to lost productivity and wages. Though some instances of lower back pain are related to underlying conditions and other issues, risk of sustaining an injury that could keep you off the job can be minimized with regular exercise and smart dietary choices.

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