Find Out if Surgery is Right for Relieving Fibromyalgia Pain in Santa Monica, CA

Whether you’re getting a second opinion, going for a consultation with a Los Angeles spine surgeon, or a visiting a specialist, you’ll want to be prepared for an initial appointment with any doctor. Consider the following recommendations to determine what you’ll likely need to bring to your first appointment.

Your ID

Other than proving that you are who you say you are when showing up, presenting ID also protects you from potential identity fraud. Acceptable forms of ID typically include a valid driver’s license, a state ID card, or a passport.

Your Medical Records

If your records are too extensive to realistically bring, ask your previous doctor for a report on your condition that you can present. You can also request that records be sent or faxed over in advance of your appointment. Some hospitals or practices may simply ask you to fill out a form so they can obtain the records.

List of Your Medications

A board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon may make adjustments to your medications at some point, but they’re going to want to know what you’re taking now first. Mention how often you take each of your medications and how you seem to be doing on those meds. Your list of medications should include:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter meds
  • Vitamin and herbal supplements

Insurance Information

While checking in, expect to be asked to present your insurance card. If you’re there as a referral patient, bring your insurance authorization or the letter of referral from your regular doctor.

Even though you’ll likely spend some time in the waiting room, make an effort to arrive about 20 minutes or a half-hour before your scheduled appointment. First-time patients often have paperwork or forms to fill out and you want to be able to concentrate on that without stressing about getting in to see the doctor.

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