Which Medicine Should you Take for Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is one of the most frequently experienced ailments in the adult population. It is one of the most common reasons for visiting a board-certified spine physician, and the yearly costs for treating the condition are staggering and continue to rise. Most patients turn to traditional remedies including prescription and over-the-counter medications when seeking relief, but researchers and medical professionals have recently noted the benefits that some supplements may have on lowering lumbar discomfort.

Omega-3 and Fatty Acids

Touted for its anti-inflammatory effects, Omega-3 and other fatty acids can play a key role in reducing back pain that’s caused by chronic inflammation. It can be taken by gel capsule or in oil form. The nutrient is naturally found in salmon, tuna and flaxseed, and it is sometimes added to foods such as peanut butter and eggs.


Derived from chili peppers, capsicum has been shown to be effective in controlling osteoarthritis and muscle spasms in some individuals. It comes in capsule form, but can also be used in the diet by adding the spice to prepared dishes. A cream is also available for patient use when back pain stems from muscle soreness and fatigue.


Many people with arthritis find relief after beginning a daily regimen of glucosamine/chondroitin, and back pain that is caused by degenerative disc disease or arthritis may be diminished with its use. The supplement comes in a caplet form and is readily available in pharmacies, supermarkets and big box retailers.

Devil’s Claw

Another promising supplement in the battle against back pain is devil’s claw. A recent study showed that over half of a study group involving people who suffered from back, knee and hip pain due to osteoarthritis felt better after taking the supplement for eight weeks. The product is sold in capsule form.

Supplements and Health

Patients who are considering taking supplements to help decrease back pain should first consult with their physicians because some products may interfere with the efficacy of prescription medications. Many remedies that are used to alleviate pain may interfere with diabetic medications and blood thinners as well.

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