Post-Surgery Devices to Ensure Safe Recovery from Spine Surgery in Santa Monica, CA

There’s nothing like the feeling of being back in your own home after spine surgery. However, you’re likely to need some assistance with daily tasks until you’re fully recovered. There are some essential post-surgery devices you may want to consider having on hand during your recovery to help you retain your independence.

Quad Canes

Available under different brand names, quad canes provide added stability after surgery. The design of the cane also allows it to remain in place when you need your hands free.


Reaching or extending your arms may be difficult after spine surgery, so consider using grabbers. The devices are long plastic extensions with a squeeze-controlled grip that can be used to get items off of higher shelves.

Toilet Risers

Toilet risers can make it easier to go to the bathroom, especially if you’re drinking a lot of liquids or taking medications that may affect bathroom habits. Some toilet risers have handrails for added stability.

Portable Handrails and Shower Rails

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing permanent handrails or shower rails, there are portable versions. Portable handrails or shower rails typically come with suction cups so they can attach securely to tiled surfaces.

Leg Circulators

When it’s difficult to get up and walk or exercise after surgery, leg circulation devices can help increase blood flow. Such devices are made of inflatable plastic that’s placed around the legs and pumped with air to stimulate circulation.

Bed Assists

Getting out of bed may be difficult, especially after spinal fusion surgery. One solution for easing this task is to use bed assists, designed to allow you to extend your legs over the bed while using handles to lift yourself.

Comfort Items

Making certain movements may be challenging after surgery, especially when it comes to bending or leaning forward. Products that can ease bending-related tasks include:

• Slip-on shoes and wide slippers
• Mini-fridges or coolers to avoid frequent trips downstairs
• Sock aids to eliminate steep bending while putting on socks or compression stockings
• Back scratches
• Long-handle shoehorns

If you’re not sure what devices you may need, ask your doctor or board-certified spine surgeon for recommendations. Some medical supply companies provide rental equipment at reasonable fees should you prefer not to purchase devices you’re likely to only need on a temporary basis.

If you’re still considering spine surgery or looking for a second opinion about possible treatments for back pain, call The Spine Institute Center at (310) 828-7757 and schedule an in-person consultation with an experienced spine surgeon.