Tech Watch To Improve Your Health in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you’re an athlete or just looking to stay fit, wearable technology may be the key to preventing common injuries. The popular devices embrace new technology in a way that’s beneficial to the wearer. According to research recently read by spine surgeons in Beverly Hills, wearable devices have widespread potential when it comes to fine-tuning workout routines and keeping tabs on essential stats.

Customizing Daily Routines

Wearable devices are especially useful in the fields of sports medicine and physical therapy. Fitness bands, for instance, allow doctors and trainers to monitor stats and customize routines to minimize the risk of injury from over-exertion.

Real-Time Data

Wearable devices provide real-time physiologic data that can be used to detect unusual patterns and make fitness recommendations. Movements can also be tracked to identify patterns that may increase the risk of injury. Since wearable devices can be synced to a smartphone, mobile device, or computer, long-term results can be analyzed to further identify issues. Wearable devices typically track:

  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Brain activity
  • Muscle motion

Injury Prevention

Some research on wearable tech involves football players, who are already at an increased risk of sustaining injuries due to the nature of the sport. The goal of wearable tech research is to better understand the practical applications of this technology. Wearable devices may help prevent injuries by:

  • Alerting the wearer when bio-stats are beyond the normal range
  • Tracking and identifying movements likely to increase injury risk
  • Providing alerts to the wearer when abnormal stats are recorded

Allowing for Better Fitness Planning

Wearable tech can also help prevent injuries with devices that include warm-up levels and cool-down modes. Since failing to properly warm up muscles is one of the most common causes of fitness-related injuries, such features provide a reminder to include that step. Some devices allow for fitness plans to be adjusted based on data recorded and the progress made.

Wearable technology has many practical uses for anyone looking to optimize their fitness routine and athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. For doctors, physical therapists, fitness trainers and coaches, it’s a way to access more accurate information and communicate better with patients, clients, or players.

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