New Health Study Research in Los Angeles, CA

Any sustained period of activity can contribute to or aggravate a number of conditions, including arthritis and low back pain. There’s no denying a sedentary lifestyle isn’t beneficial for long-term health and wellness. New research provides an added incentive to get active by suggesting damage resulting from a lack of physical activity may be able to be undone with exercise.

Exercising Based on Time Sitting

The Norwegian study bases its assertions that damage from a sedentary lifestyle can be reversed on how long you spend sitting each day. According to researchers, someone who sits for about four hours a day would need 30 minutes of physical activity. According to a leading Los Angeles spine surgery center, if you work a nine-to-five job, you would need approximately an hour of exercise to make up for those eight hours of sitting.

Reducing Overall Health Risks

Basing their findings on studies involving roughly a million adults 45 and older, researchers noted a wide range of health benefits when linking fitness level with sitting time. This included a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer, all conditions that can be influenced by an inactive lifestyle.

Combating a Growing Health Problem

Physical activity, especially sitting, is considered a major worldwide health concern with a price tag of just over $50 billion annually in related healthcare costs. As for how much fitness is enough to compensate for sitting, fitness-band companies suggest 10,000 steps per day. The American Heart Association recommends roughly 30 minutes of daily exercise to reduce the risk of heart disease. The Department of Health and Human Services suggests an exercise routine that includes:

  • About 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week
  • Approx. an hour or so of vigorous aerobic activity each week
  • Strength training exercises involving all muscle groups

Inactivity often increases with age. Aside from the necessity to spend some portion of the day sitting for work-related purposes, this trend may be due to increased health issues that increase over time such as age-related joint and disc degeneration affecting the spine. Coincidentally, physical activity can also be beneficial for people who are experiencing persistent aches and pains.

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