Tips for a Better Sleep in Los Angeles, CA

It’s the REM phase of sleep that’s especially beneficial for your body since this is when blood flow decreases and your brain focuses on your muscles and tissues, often resulting in the refreshed feeling experienced when waking up. If you’re having trouble enjoying the quality sleep that can minimize your aches and pains, consider the following unconventional sleep tips.

1. Schedule Your Worries

All those concerns floating around your head when you get in bed could be what’s keeping you awake at night. Set aside a time of the day to either confide in a friend about your worries or keep a journal.

2. Consider Herbal Supplements

Reduce the risk of dependence on sleep aids by choosing herbal supplements instead if you need help drifting off. Coming from the root of a flower, Valerian is one herbal supplement some people find effective for a longer, productive sleep.

3. Take Light Naps

Naps can give you a quick refresh during the day that may help you sleep better at night. For maximum benefit, naps should be about 10-20 minutes long, scheduled at roughly the same time each day, and taken about an hour after lunch when your body is already naturally sleepy

4. Enjoy Hot Baths Earlier

Your body needs a lower temperature to sleep, so enjoy a hot bath about 2-3 hours before getting into bed instead to allow your body to readjust. Making your room cooler with a fan can also optimize your sleep environment.

5. Minimize Background Noise

Those sounds of the house settling or water dripping from the adjacent bathroom can wreck havoc on your sleep habits if you’re a light sleeper. Background noises can be minimized by running a fan in the room or using a white noise machine. If you prefer an app, popular choices include light rain and waves cascading on a beach.

These are just a few ways you can improve the quality of your sleep. Matching your pillow to your sleep position, investing in a new mattress, and getting your heart rate up with some light exercise are a few other tips worth considering. If sleep issues persist, see what a board-certified back doctor has to say.

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