Smartphone Program Treats Back Pain

Technology as it relates to back pain extends beyond groundbreaking techniques in spinal surgery. The latest innovation in back pain relief focuses more on improving the way information is delivered to both patients and their healthcare professionals – and it involves the use of a device that works in conjunction with a smartphone.

What It Is

Medical research and equipment supply companies Philips and Allianz are teaming up to offer back pain sufferers a solution that’s controlled by their smartphone. The ultimate goal is to provide patients with an ongoing solution to immediately address back pain when it occurs as opposed to relying solely on traditional hit or miss treatments.

How It Works

The device itself is a wearable pad that’s strapped to the affected area of the user’s back. It emits a blue light to stimulate blood flow within the area where the device is attached to provide back pain relief. Users would have control over when the light is delivered via a smartphone app that would provide information such as how long the device is used and at what specific times it is used. Philips and Allianz would provide the monitoring for users, and plan to offer additional support to users. After the device is attached and connected, users would then receive a call on their smartphone offering guidance on how to properly use it and interpret the recorded data.

What It Could Mean for Back Pain Suffers

For back pain sufferers, the possibility of not only monitoring back pain but actually doing something about it when they need relief the most via their smartphone is sure to be appreciated, especially when considering the convenience of the set-up. Back pain suffers could also use the data collected by the app to give their doctors a better idea of when their back pain occurs, what particular activities trigger their pain and how well they respond to the blue light stimulation they receive.

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