Tips for Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA

Traveling could be another source of discomfort for you if you’re already living with back pain. The main reason for this is because sitting in one position is often part of the travel experience as you go from here to there. However, you can reduce your odds of arriving at your destination in pain. Beverly Hills spine surgeons recommend keeping these 4 tips in mind as you prepare for your trip.

1. Choose Your Seat

When planning your trip, think about where you might be sitting. For airplane trips, arrange your trip as far ahead as possible. Try to snag an aisle seat because you will have more space to stretch your legs and shift positions. For car rides, take a minute to adjust your seat before getting in to prevent being pushed into an uncomfortable position.

2. Bring Support & Comfort Items

Just because an airline claims to offer “plush seating” doesn’t mean you will have the right support for your spine. Pack pillows, blankets, and other comfort or support items to make your travel experience less painful. Specially designed travel pillows can also come in handy for long car rides. Some other spine-supporting items to consider:

  • Foam cushions
  • Doughnut pillows for your lumbar (lower) spine
  • U-shaped neck pillows for your upper spine

3. Move Around

After given the okay to unbuckle your seatbelt, get up and walk around the cabin to stretch your spine-supporting muscles. If you’re in a car, pull over now and then to get out and stretch your back. For bus and train trips where it’s not always easy to schedule stops, shifting positions or doing simple stretches in your seat can prevent muscle stiffness.

4. Bring Distractions

Sitting on a long flight thinking about your spine pain will only make it seem worse. Find ways to keep yourself occupied. If you opt to read a book, keep it at eye level so you’re not throwing off your spine’s alignment. This also applies if you’re going to use any devices while traveling.

If your spine pain has become too severe to manage, you might want to consider the minimally invasive spine surgery Beverly Hills surgeons offer. At The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration, we specialize in spinal fusion surgery as well as various alternatives to spinal fusion. Give us a call today at 310-828-7757 to schedule an appointment.

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