Positivity and Spine Surgery Recovery

After trying different methods to control their discomfort such as pain medications, injections and physical therapy, surgery, which can include fusion or motion-preserving spine procedures, can offer patients hope for pain relief and increased mobility. In addition to following any doctor-recommended post-surgery advice, maintaining a positive attitude after the operation can help people recover more quickly and return to doing the things that they enjoy.

Take Charge of Your Recovery

Assuming the role of a passive recipient during the recovery period can foster feelings of helplessness. Actively participating in the rehabilitation is an excellent way for people to empower themselves and keep a good mindset during the recovery process. Being diligent about taking prescribed medications and faithfully attending physical therapy sessions are positive steps forward in the recovery process.


A few hours after minimally invasive surgery of the spine, many patients are able to get up and walk briefly, and the length of time increases as recovery progresses. Walking and other exercise that is prescribed is a great way for people to increase their strength and endurance, and it releases endorphins into the bloodstream that act as pain blockers and mood elevators.

Have Realistic Goals

Expecting too much too soon after spine surgery can be a let down and result in disappointment and depression. It is important to discuss with your Los Angeles spine surgeon what sort of progress should be expected after the operation and how soon certain milestones are generally met. The more that patients arm themselves with knowledge, the more likely they will have realistic expectations about the recovery process.

Find Support 

People who surround themselves with family and friends are easily able to keep a positive outlook. Instead of feeling out of sorts during the healing phase when work and other routines are disrupted, patients can take advantage of their down time by enjoying moments with friends and relatives.

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