Playing Sports after Spine Surgery

Many individuals who are active in sports are anxious to get back to participating in their favorite activities after they have had spinal surgery in Beverly Hills. However, in order to get back in the game safely, a few guidelines should be followed in order to protect the spine and its surrounding structures.

Keeping Within the Physician’s Guidelines

If a patient has had spinal surgery and intends to return to sports, it is vital to keep in close communication with his or her surgeon. The doctor and auxiliary staff such as physical therapists will be able to monitor the individual’s progress closely and allow increasing levels of activity according to the patient’s particular healing process. It’s also important to remember that different surgeries will require different healing times. For instance, a traditional fusion will likely take longer to heal when compared to a non-fusion procedure such as artificial disc replacement with Mobi-C.

Listening to the Body’s Signals

Once activity levels start to increase, it is important to develop a keen sense of self-awareness in order to avoid injury. Pain should never be ignored and is a strong signal that exertion should slow or stop. Any sensations such as numbness or tingling can also mean that exercise is causing a strain on the spinal column.

Physical Therapy

When indicated, the surgeon will prescribe physical therapy sessions for the post-operative spinal patient. Especially for athletes, the specialized techniques that are employed during therapy are vital to reconditioning the muscles that support and protect the spinal column. Research has shown that athletes who are committed to closely following their post-op therapy schedules are able to return to sports at a competitive level more quickly.


Rest is one of the key components to effective healing. Individuals who live very active lifestyles are almost always anxious to get back to exercise and sports after spinal surgery. Getting adequate sleep at night and taking frequent rest periods during the day will help the body heal faster and enable the patient to gradually return to activity.

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